How to Potty Train a Dog with a Shock Collar

How to Potty Train a Dog with a Shock Collar (Reasons/Mistakes) – PetDogsLife

Dog potty training is essential for any new puppy owner. There are many factors to consider, such as the right time and teaching different types of bathroom habits. So, it is imperative to know how to potty train a dog with a shock collar.

You can provide potty training to your dog by developing a regular schedule and the spot where the dog needs to be eliminated. Along with this, you also need to develop a proper way to follow through with the discipline.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why your dog needs potty training with a shock collar along with a complete training process.

How to Potty Train a Dog with a Shock Collar – Step-By-Step

  • When the puppy wakes up in the morning, take it outside of your home or apartment immediately. It will encourage them to use this place as an outdoor bathroom rather than inside of your house.
  • After coming from any place such as a park or backyard, bring him directly back into his crate or small room where he feels safe and comfortable. Due to the crate training, you can get rid of all accidents throughout the day.
  • Take out again before bedtime so that there would be no mess inside of your home and they would feel safe while sleeping.
  • In this way, you can train the dog to use a specific place for the bathroom so that he does not have accidents inside your home.
  • Make sure you praise them while doing the right thing instead of punishing or yelling at them for something that is not his fault.
  • If a puppy does something wrong, you need to give him a firm NO and take them outside of your home without showing them any pity.

He will get an electric shock when they reached inside the bathroom or specific crate area, and they learn that there is no place other than a designated area or potty spot for the bathroom. The e-collar training for potty problems provides a satisfactory result within a few weeks.

We hope that after following the above-mentioned steps you are well aware of how to potty train a dog with a shock collar.

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Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

During potty training, there are lots of mistakes that a new pet owner tends to do. Moreover, if you have already started providing potty training, you must know the right way to go about this process.

Never Teach:

If there are accidents inside your home, just clean up and forget them because he will think that everything is okay even though they did something wrong. In this case, they won’t learn anything from their actions which cause frustrating results in the future.

Not Training Schedule:

Another common mistake or reason for these types of problems most dog previous owners make is not following any house training schedule or creating a bathroom area outside the house. If you don’t provide them with a designated place and time for potty training so it is very frustrating and hard to correct behaviour later on.

Not Rewarding Good Behavior:

Lastly, we also need to consider the common mistakes we make during dog potty training, such as not rewarding good behaviour or punishing wrong actions by using a shock collar. We should always praise our puppy while he is doing something right.

Also, showing them that there would be consequences if they do something bad like an accident inside your home without any guidance throughout their life span.

Common Reasons for Potty Accidents in Dogs

There are several common reasons for potty accidents in dogs. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Your dog has a medical reason that is causing it to have an accident
  • You didn’t give potty time to your puppy between playtime
  • The dog has a problem with the eliminating area and potty spots you chose for him to go on
  • You didn’t give enough time throughout the day, making it hard for your puppy to eliminate when he needed to.

Benefits of Dog Potty Training

Dog potty training is essential because it will keep your dog clean throughout the day and keep public areas neat for other people. So, when you buy a new puppy, you need to consider many things to avoid any future accidents during your lifetime.

  1. When we provide our dogs with proper guidance at an early age along with effective discipline, they feel safe and secure inside their homes while living among human beings.
  2. It also provides us better control over them which helps us develop trust so that both parties get comfortable together without feeling threatened or stressed out across training period.
  3. Proper dog potty training can save your home from unwanted messes created by pets if done correctly through positive reinforcement and guidance.
  4. It also helps to avoid any accidents inside your home, which could be dangerous for fragile items lying around, along with creating a mess after eliminating on carpets or rugs.
  5. Also, it will help you save money because if done correctly, it only takes about a few weeks, and there is no need to hire dog potty training services that charge a lot of money.
  6. More, it will keep your house smelling clean and fresh inside out because when dogs eliminate in an inappropriate area, it creates a very unpleasant odor that stays on the surface.
  7. If done properly, your dog will be more confident and relaxed in the long run because he will clearly understand what is expected from him.

So, if you provide better and proper training to your dog so they get some of these benefits mentioned above.


In the end, it is imperative to provide your dog with proper guidance and training for them to feel safe, secure, and relaxed around you. So, now you know how to potty train a dog with a shock collar and all the other essential aspects, such as the common mistakes we make and their solutions.