How to Train Dog Recall with Shock Collar

How to Train Dog Recall with Shock Collar? 5 Steps 2022 Best Guide

As a dog owner, sometimes your dog does not respond to your recall commands, so it is a big issue for you. In this case, it is imperative to train your dog to recall your commands, but the question that comes to your mind is how to train dog recall with shock collar. The shock collar is a handy tool to train any dog without any distraction.

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You can efficiently train dog recall commands by choosing the suitable shock collar, introducing the different verbal and hand signal commands, and staying consistent during the training duration. Here we come up with a detailed guide about how to teach your dog recall with an e collar or shock collar.

Before knowing the dog recall training, it is also essential to learn what is recall means and how to use a shock collar to train them. So, without further ado, let’s know all the steps mentioned below to provide dog recall training.

What Does Recall Mean?

The word recall is used in many terms, but when we talk about the recall in the dog training term, it means calling your dog to come. Also, the recall’s straightforward meaning is to expect your dog to respond to your command and come back immediately.

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The recall means not only to teach your dog to come back but also to benefit in many terms. For example, dog recall training with a shock collar is essential to stop your dog from eating something or hurting someone.

Why Use Shock Collar for Recall Training?

how to teach your dog recall with an e collar

Most of the dog owners and trainers are using shock collars for different dog training. Here you get to see the step-by-step guide to train dog recall with a shock collar, but it is important to know why a shock collar is used?    

The shock collars come with different stimulation, vibration, and shocking levels. You can adjust these levels according to your dog’s needs and use them to recall your dog. You can put the shock collar on the dog wag and start with the vibration levels to train dog recall.

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Also, during training, you can increase the shock levels, and your dog feels stimulation, and finally, after some days, your dog will respond to your commands. Here, you need to keep in mind you can also use the verbal and hand signal commands along with shock collar as it proves to be effective for dog recall training.

How to Train Dog Recall with Shock Collar? 5 Steps

Before starting the training process, you always need to keep in mind that dog recall training is a lengthy process and you can do it consistently. So, let’s begin the dog recall training without further ado, and after training, your dog can respond to your commands to come back.

1. Choose the Right Setting Shock Collar

As you know that there are many dog breeds, and you need to choose the right shock collar setting according to your dog breed. When you are setting up the shock collar, you need to identify the different intensity and stimulation levels and choose the shock collar setting that is suitable for your dog.

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Always keep in mind that the shocking level of the shock collar is enough for your dog and not very high that upset them. Our recommendation for setting up the shock collar is that you can check it out after putting it on your hand to check the stimulation levels.

Another great thing to get a suitable shock collar setting is to put the shock collar on the dog’s neck and slowly increase the intensity levels. During increasing the intensity levels, you need to observe the dog’s reactions. After this, you see that your dog responds to your commands, so now you need to stop the intensity level and note down through the shock collar.

Once you get the best shock collar setting, you need to follow the next step to begin the training process.

2. Start with Dog Commands

dog recall training with a shock collar

Now it’s time to introduce the different verbal commands to your dog along with the shock collar for more effective dog recall training. You can use various commands like “Come” and “Here” to let your dog respond to your commands. It is a very effective way to learn about how to train dog recall with a shock collar and use different words to recall your dog.

During introducing the verbal dog commands, if your dog moves towards you so stop sending corrections. On the other hand, it will also happen that your dog stops responding to your commands before coming back to you, so now you can send another correction command.  

It is an initial step to train dog recall without a shock collar, so you can also use the hand signals along with verbal commands. To accomplish this goal to recall your dog, you can sway your palm toward your chest to tell your dog to come back to you.

As you can’t use the shock collar in this step, if your dog recalls and comes back to you by following these commands, you can treat them with some good items. Conversely, you can also provide different plenty’s if your dog won’t respond to your commands, but we recommend you move to the next step to train them with the shock collar.

3. Use Shock Collar with Leash

You can use the shock collar with minimum intensity level along with a leash in the first attempt. The question that comes to your mind is that do shock collars help with recall? So, to accomplish it, you can use it with a leash initially.

All you have to do is use the command “Come” and gradually tug the leash and immediately press the shock collar button to generate stimulation. You can repeat this process and again do it until the dog turns his head and makes eye contact with you.

If your dog still does not recall your commands, you can use the leash to guide your dog to turn his head. You can use the leash and low-intensity level, so this process is not dangerous or harmful for your dog.

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By following this step, your dog learns many things like responding to commands, recalling when tugging the leash, and finally being well aware of the stimulation of shock collar. The “Come” commands are very beneficial along with leash and shock collar and we hope that your dog immediately makes eye contact with you.

It is the best method to train dog recall with a shock collar, and it is not harmful to your dog.  

4. Provide Off-Leash Training with Shock Collar

verbal and hand signal commands

When you follow step 3 mentioned above for some days, your dog is now well aware of the stimulation. Now it’s time to increase the shock level of the shock collar that you can set by following step 1.  In this step, you can increase the intensity level and provide off-leash training using a shock collar.

You can only use a remote shock collar to trigger the attention of the dog to yourself. All you have to do is to use the “Come” command and immediately press the shock button of the shock collar, and your dog feels the stimulation. The dog responds to your commands as they realize that if he does not recall your command, they feel impulse or shock.

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The reason behind not using the leash is that your dog is now ignoring the leash in this step. Now your dog can recall your commands when the leash is off, even in busy or public areas. You need to keep in mind that your dog only recalls your commands if you provide enough training with the shock collar.

Always consider that it’s all about consistency and enough repetition, and you never lose hope. When you follow this step with “Come” commands and recommended intensity level of the shock collar, so all of your concern about how to train dog recall with a shock collar is gone.

5. Stay Consistent and Repeat the Process

As well also mentioned above that it is all about hard work, training repetitions, and consistency. So, you need to follow all the steps mentioned above and do it again and again and correct the different recalling issues using your verbal commands.

Always make sure that you can follow these steps in sequence because if the dog is forgotten one step, so he may not recall your commands. You need to become a gentle and consistent dog owner as it may be a lengthy dog recalling training session for you.

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What are the Best Qualities of the Shock Collar for Recall Training?

If you are thinking about train dog recall with a shock collar and looking for the best shock collar for recall training, you need to consider some essential things mentioned below.

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  • Always buy a shock collar that properly fit the dog’s neck
  • Shock collar comes with different levels of intensity
  • Easy to use the shock collar
  • Buy a shock collar that is perfect for your lifestyle

These are some of the key qualities you need to keep in mind when you buy a shock collar for dog recall training.


The dog recall training is not complicated, but it may look complex due to the length of training sessions. We hope that you get a detailed answer about how to train dog recall with shock collar by following all the steps mentioned above. Once you complete all the steps and stay consistent, sometimes your dog successfully responds or recalls your commands.


Do Shock Collars Help with Recall?

Yes! Inside the shock collar, you get the vibration and stimulating levels that you can use to trigger the dog’s attention to yourself, so your dog responds to your commands.

Is Training a Dog with a Shock Collar Bad?

The use of a shock collar is not harmful to your dog if you can use it with enough shocking levels. However, if you can use it at a high-intensity level, it is hazardous for your dog.

Will a Shock Collar Stop a Dog from Running Away?

Yes! A shock collar proves to be a very effective and handy tool for you to stop the dog from running away. But you need to train them using the shock collar if you can’t teach them, so the dog will never respond to your commands.