What to Do with Your Dog Collar After Death

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We all know that we love our dogs and their different things such as colour, ring, harness, and clothes. They are like family to us. We want to take care of them the best way possible, so the question comes from dog owners: what to do with your dog collar after death?

When your dog passes away, you can do all sorts of things with their collar. For example, take it to a jeweller and turn it into an intricate charm bracelet for the wearer’s wrist or neck; use one on doorknobs as well!

So, here you get the comprehensive guide about how you honour a dog that has passed away and memorializes the dog collar.

Why Memorialize Our Beloved Dogs When They Pass Away? – Reasons

It is time to say goodbye after a life full of love and happiness to honour your beloved Pet. When your pet passes away, you want the perfect way to honour them. You may find yourself asking why we memorialize our beloved dogs when they pass away?

Well, here are some reasons for that:

  • It helps with the grieving process.
  • It gives you something special to remember.
  • It brings peace and comfort during difficult times after losing your best friend.
  • Allows those who didn’t know about them before they passed a chance to learn what a fantastic creature they were.
  • It is a beautiful way to honour the life of your beloved pet.

What to Do with Your Dog Collar After Death?

So, you might be wondering what to do with your dog’s collar after death? You can follow these steps:

Keep The Collar as a Remembrance

You may choose to keep the collar and other items that belonged to them. It is probably one of the most effective ways to memorialize their life. It has the power to bring back memories of your pet during their life.

You Can Use the Collar as a Keychain and Necklaces

It is also essential to keep in mind that you should always take the collar off before getting your favourite photos taken, so they are not left out if someone wants pictures after they have passed away.

Turn It Into Art

There are various ways to memorialize dogs’ leather collars or other collars, such as turning them into art pieces that will be quite creative for dog lovers who want something different than just putting up their pet collars on display at home. You can quickly turn these items into jewellery, bookmarks, wall hangings etc., by using only a straightforward technique: sewing.

Make An Urn

There are many types of urns to choose from, such as bowls, memory boxes for collars, and more, which can hold your beloved animal’s ashes after cremation. These items come in various materials, including ceramic, metal, glass or even wood, so you should always check the options before deciding what will work best for you and your family members.

Put Some Special Mementos

You may also put some special mementoes inside, like their collar. If it is still in good condition, along with other things close to them while their memory alive such as one of their favourite toys etc. It would be nice to include something sentimental or meaningful because when people see the urn, there will be a story behind it.

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Create a Memorial Garden

If you have the space in your yard, create a memorial garden with their favourite flowers or plants. It is also another great way to remember them while enjoying the outdoors that they love so much. You can even put some of their toys and treats, which will help create an environment for them to feel comfortable around while at rest.

It would be fantastic if you wanted something more personalized, So, these are some ways to do with your dog’s collar after death.

How Do You Honor a Dog that Has Passed Away? Different Methods

There are many ways to honour a dog that has passed away, such as:

Create a Memorial Service

A memorial service is when you gather with your family and friends, and other people who were close to the pet to share their favorite memories about them. You can also play some music that was their favorites and even create an Obituary notice.

So, everyone knows what they meant to all of you. It may be not easy, but it will help bring peace and comfort during this challenging time.

Hold a Private Ceremony

After talking things over, if having a gathering isn’t suitable for your family, there are always alternatives! A private ceremony will allow only those closest to them to have some alone time to say goodbye and share their feelings.

It can be done at home with a family member or friend and others who knows your furry friend really well, such as his veterinarian, trainer etc. You can also dress your dog’s urn up in some clothes if you want something more formal, creating an even stronger bond during the ceremony.

Hold a Public Special Memorial Service

Public or outdoor memorial service is just like it sounds: open for anyone that wants to come by and pay tribute by sharing intrusive memories about them!

There are many ways of how you want to celebrate their life. It Includes playing music they enjoyed listening to while having snacks around, so everyone has space and time to think about what they meant for us. This way, we won’t feel alone and will know that people care about us.

Also, include something like a picture of them and their favorite toys or treats during the ceremony. It will help to create an environment for them to feel comfortable around while at rest.

Do Something That Will Make Them Proud

There is always one thing that facing my beloved dog passing away: we should never forget his legacy and do things that he loved so much, such as protecting our house, playing ball with me, etc. Then, we need to move on but not forget what they did to make themselves happy! So, this way when people see any memorabilia, they can remember how wonderful they were!

Above are some great ways to honour them while ensuring that you are not alone in this challenging time! These things will make them proud because they will be remembered and even thought of during this long process.


Pets are our family members, and we treat them the same as our children. However, it becomes difficult for us to move on when they pass away because their memories are always there.

Memorialize your pet during this process by creating a ceremony or even holding some gatherings among special friends and families to make sure you’re not alone.

We hope that this guide about what to do with your dog collar after death will help you make the best decisions and move on while honouring their memories!


Where Can I Store My Dog’s Collar When They are Not Wearing it?

You may create a special place for the collar in your house where you will be able to see it every day. It will also help to make an urn if their ashes are kept there as well!

Why Should I Memorialize My Dog When They Pass Away?

You should never forget them because they will remind you of what you’ve gone through. Your pet won’t be forgotten this way, and they are remembered for all their good deeds!

Should I Include Only the Collar with the Urn?

No, you should include some of their favourite toys or treats to create the most comfortable environment!

Where Can I Get My Dog’s Ashes?

You can contact your vet clinic along with any other place where they have been. This way, it will be easier for you during this process!