Why Do Dogs Smell After Going Outside

Why Do Dogs Smell After Going Outside? Comprehensive Guide 2022

Dogs are incredible animals, and they can be a lot of fun to have around. However, sometimes when your dog plays outside and comes back home, you feel a terrible odor. So, the most commonly asked question is that why do dogs smell after going outside?

The most common reason for a dog’s foul smell is environmental changes. Also, generally, it will happen when the bacteria in the soil, your dog walk inside the garbage, and, finally, overfeeding.

Here you get a detailed guide about the reasons for the dog’s smelling and the steps to get rid of this weird and fishy odor.

Why Does My Dog Stink After Being Outside? Reasons

There are lots of reasons that cause smelling, and some are the most significant reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Environmental changes
  2. Dog eats foods with strong smells
  3. Dogs are not able to clean themselves because of the weather conditions
  4. The dog’s skin may also be dry and itchy due to harsh environmental conditions. As a result, odors will emit from their skin pores as well. It makes dogs smell worse than usual after coming back home.
  5. Dogs can also smell bad because they are not able to drink enough water when they go out due to the environmental factors or conditions.
  6. Dog owners should be aware that dogs tend to chew everything in their path during walks. It will include animal feces, garbage, and other disgusting substances like rotten food and even dead animals, making them smelly after coming back home.
  7. Dogs can also become smelly after going outside because of skin diseases
  8. If your dog is old, then it may be the reason why he smells bad since older dogs tend to have a weaker immune system which makes them more prone to bacteria and cause skin infections
  9. Dogs also smell bad when they play outside because of the anal glands near their anus that produce an unpleasant odor.
  10. Dogs may also smell bad after going outside because of their diet when they do not get enough nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, these are some of the environmental reasons why your furry friend might be smelling up the house? Now it’s time for some advice on how to get rid of this problem.

Dog Body Factor that Causes Smelling:

You may feel a smell from the dog’s body due to the body factors mentioned below:

The Odor from the Skin Glands

The underarm area of dogs is a large sweat gland that causes odor, and it may be more noticeable on some breeds than others.  Also, this problem can occur due to heat or stress.

Odor Due to Anal Sacs Disease

Due to this reason, it produces an unpleasant scent when they’re full. In addition, the liquid in these sacs has a powerful smell and contains chemicals that cause skin irritation, such as contact dermatitis.

Bad Breath in Dogs

It’s also worth mentioning the importance of halitosis (bad breath) because it can be one of the first signs of dental disease, and it will cause smelling.

How Do You Get Rid of the Dogs Smell After Being Outside?

Here you get to see some important steps that you can follow to easily get rid of dogs smelling problems.

  • First of all, you need to find the root cause and then take an action ahead.
  • Try not to rub or wash your dog too much because this process might dry out their skin and make it worse than before.
  • Use an oatmeal shampoo that will provide relief from itching and help remove any loose hair follicles.
  • Also, try using a conditioner that will help the skin stay hydrated without feeling itchy.
  • Try to brush your dog regularly with either a bristle or pin brush.
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle, which is quite efficient in removing any kind of odor from all surfaces.
  • Clean your dog’s bedding to keep it free from any kind of distinct smell.
  • Also, use a good smelling shampoo on the coat for several days to make them stay fresh and comfortable at all times.
  • Try not to let them outside without their leash because they will try to go wherever there is grass or dirt, which might also be very dirty after rainfall.
  • Use a deodorant spray on their coats that has anti-microbial properties so that it will keep them free from any kind of bacteria or fungi.
  • Spray this mixture onto the coat and then brush to spread the solution evenly over your dog’s body.

So, we hope you are well aware of how to get rid of unpleasant smelling dog problems and why do dogs smell after going outside?

How to Control Dog Odors from Outside?

  • Keep your dog clean and dry is one of the significant ways to control dog odors from outside.
  • Dog’s skin is rich in glands that produce an oily substance called sebum, the oil helps moisturize your pet’s coat and protect it against elements such as dryness or extreme temperatures.
  • When excess oil accumulates on a dog’s fur or skin the oily texture may cause unpleasant odors.

How to Keep the Dog Dry and Clean?

After coming back from the outdoor, immediately bathe him. Give the dog a proper wash with shampoo and soap. You can also use some commercial shampoos to get rid of bad odor after going outside. 

These shampoos help to remove the dirt and foul odor from your dog’s skin. It also keeps them dry and clean, and you don’t feel the fishy smell from your dog after going outside.

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In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of why do dogs smell after going outside? You can also get rid of this problem by giving a proper bath and keeping the dog dry and clean using the methods mentioned above. 

So, the next time you come back from outside, and your dog smells bad, follow these simple steps.