Top 12 Best Shock Collars for Pitbulls In 2022 | Expert Review

In this article, I Reviewed Best Shock collars for Pitbulls.

Although Pitbull is a distinct dog breed that is not aggressive by its genetics. However, same like all other pets, they can show unpredictable behavior if not treated properly.

Moreover, being a dog owner, your priority should be to take proper care of the physical and emotional health of your dog.

For this purpose, shock collars are must to have accessories that every dog owner should keep. These release electrical signals, commonly known as shock and the intensity of these shocks varies according to your usage.

Besides, keep in mind that Pitbulls are very energetic, have fast learning ability, and are loyal. So, it will be unfair to use a cheaply made shock collar with high strength that will affect the overall well-being of your dog. Therefore, you need to make a wise choice for training your Pitbull so that you can enjoy every moment with them.

Don’t know how to get the best shock collars for Pitbull? Well, I am going to sort out this issue by introducing the top 12 products here so, let’s deviate into further details!

Top 12 Best Shock Collars for Pitbulls In 2022

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Educator E-Collar Humane...image Educator Dog Training Collar Check Price
SportDOG WetlandHunter 425/425X...image SportDOG WetlandHunter Dog Collar Check Price
Educator K9-800 B33...image Educator K9-800 Big Dog Training Collar Check Price
BOUSNIC Replacement Nylon...image BOUSNIC Replacement Nylon Collar Check Price
DOG CARE Dog...image DOG CARE Dog Training Collar Check Price
PATPET Dog Training...image PATPET IPX7 Waterproof Shock Collars Check Price
PetSpy P620B Dog...image PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar Check Price
SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer...image SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer Collar Check Price
NVK Shock Collars...image NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote Check Price
Pet Control HQ...image Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Waterproof Shock Collars Check Price
My Pet Command...image My Pet Command Training Collar Check Price
Lu&Ba Dog Shock...image Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar Check Price

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1. Educator ET-800 (Best Shock Collar for Pitbull)

Educator ET-300 Mini 1/2 Mile E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar With Vibration, Tapping Sensation and Pavlovian Stimulation

Looking for effective but less stressful shock collars for your Pitbull?  Then the Educator ET-800 will be a reliable option for you.

Besides, it is loaded with high-quality features so let’s walk through its details for getting more information.

Starting with its working, it uses boost stimulus for generating vibrations to get the attention of your dog in a better way. Other than that, its adjustment is very easy and can be conveniently accommodated according to the neck size of your dog.

This collar comes with removable contact points of different sizes hence, you can easily pick up the required size for your dog. 

Also, it is a great option for stubborn dogs because of its wide range of vibration settings. Adding to this, you can select the vibration level from 0-100 and it also gives you the luxury of additional boost stimulus that ranges from 1-60. Hence, if you want to make a strong impact on your dog then you can utilize its additional boost stimulus for training your Pitbull. 

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic stopwatch so, you can easily keep an eye on your dog all the time. It is powered by 2 lithium polymer batteries that can last for two hours, however, it would be great if the manufacture improves their battery life. 

  • Multiple customizable options
  • Waterproof transmitter & 1-mile range
  • Equipped with multiple training modes
  • Submersible to more than 500 feet
  • Comparatively easy to use
  • A little bit pricey
  • Battery life needs improvement

2: SportDog – SD-425 – (Best E Collar for Pitbulls)

SportDOG WetlandHunter 425/425X Add-A-Dog Collar - Additional, Replacement, or Extra Collar for Your Remote Trainer - Waterproof and Rechargeable with Tone, Vibration, and Static, Realtree Max-5

It comes quite hard to find the best training collar for stubborn dogs as they are more difficult to control. However, this is going to change today as I have come across the SD-425 by SportDog that is ideal for this situation. To know more about it just keep on reading.

Needless to say, aggressive dogs give us a tough time and It sometimes becomes hard to control them. However, this collar comes with the 7 instantly selectable static stimulation so, you can effectively control your Pitbull with its help. Other than that, this collar is specially designed for dogs of up to 8 pounds weight and fits in the neck of 5-22 inches. 

Also, it provides continuous stimulation to the dog to prohibit him from any misbehavior hence, considered the best training collar for Pitbulls. On the bright side, its battery life is pretty amazing as it can be utilized for more than 70 hours hence, an excellent purchase. 

Note that, this collar is perfect for controlling big and aggressive dogs but it is not ideal for small dogs. Meanwhile, it is an extreme shock collar that will help you in controlling stubborn dogs but its misuse can make your dog more aggressive. 

  • Its Best range is up to 500 yards
  • Seven stimulating control level with easy adjustability
  • Comes with collar notches for easy fitting in dog’s neck
  • Provide water resistance of more than 25 feet
  • Continuous stimulation for controlling aggressive dogs
  • Tricky to use
  • Not ideal for small dogs

3: Educator K9-800 (Best Collar For Pitbulls)

Educator K9-800 B33 K9 Handler 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Dog Training Collar, 33

Another best e collar for Pitbulls is named the Educator K9-800 and works great in different situations. This collar is well-known because of its effective performance and is equipped with the world’s smallest transmitter. Let’s unveil all of its other vital features!

There are only a few collars available in the market which are considered reliable for training dogs and this one is among them. It will help you in observing your dog all the time without any hindrance so what else do you need?

Besides, its impact resistance is 5000G’s and it features an ergonomic stopwatch to look for your dog at any time. Although it is the most humane and gentle trainer, it also features intense stimulation for aggressive dogs that make it even more effective. 

As well as its batteries are concerned, it comes with lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. Moreover, it has a fast-charging ability as you can fully charge its batteries in merely two hours. Also, it has a medium or larger receiver for controlling the dogs of 20 pounds or greater weight. 

Adding to this, it has a versatile design and gives you the luxury of setting its stimulation level from 0-100. It is a one-dog system that has a one-mile range; however, the only complaint is that some user finds it difficult to control its remote.   

  • Night tracking lights
  • The transmitter beeps to find the lost transmitter
  • Waterproof, could be used in the rain
  • Good charging time
  • Highly versatile
  • Its remote is not easy to handle

4: Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Shock collar with beep

BOUSNIC Replacement Nylon Collar Strap (2pcs Included) Dog Training Collar P-Collar 320 and P-Collar 320B

Want to have a perfect quality collar that fits all the dog sizes and breeds? Then choose the Bousnic dog trainer without any second thought as it will fulfill all of your needs. If you are getting suspicious about its other aspects then please follow me below to read more.

It comes with three training modes which include vibrations and beeps with different levels from 1 to 8. Besides, it has safe static shock which will help in correcting the inappropriate behavior of the dog hence, ideal for your four-legged companion. Besides, it comes with two different sets of prongs including a metal prong and a conductive silicone prong. 

The plus point of purchasing this collar is used that you can use it for two dogs at the same time.

Like you can use it for Pitbulls and other breeds simultaneously however, if you want to get the best collar for German sphered then click here!

Note that, it comes with only one remote but that will be enough to control two pets at a time. One of its worth-mentioning features is that it has a static mode which is automatically turned into static mode if it prolongs for more than 10 seconds. Hence, it will possess no harm to your beloved dog so what else you can demand?

  • Contains 2 sets of prongs
  • Premium and ergonomic design
  • Safe & Effective training modes
  • Equipped with double supporting system remote
  • Sometimes dogs get to mix up signals and do the wrong one

5: DOG CARE Dog Collar – (Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar For Pitbulls)

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar- Rechargeable Training Collar with 3 Training Modes and Waterproof Vibration Collar, Large Remote Range, 2 Receivers Dog Training Collar with Remote

There are only a few such products which are highly praised by the customers because of their mind-blowing performance. This dog care training collar is among one those exceptional products that satisfy its customer because of its high-end features. 

Starting with its training modes, it features safe as well as efficient training modes which include beep, shock, and vibration. Therefore, with its help, you can easily teach your Pitbull the basic obedience commands and can fix the aggressiveness of your dog. On the bright side, its high-quality collar will provide your pet with excellent flexibility during various outdoor activities. 

The issue with most collars is that sometimes those mistakenly hurt your dog because of misoperation and then you regret it afterward. However, this is going to change today as this rechargeable shock collar minimizes such accidental mishaps as it is equipped with a security keypad lock. So, you can conveniently carry it anywhere without getting worried about any wrong warning. 

The plus point of this excellent collar is that it can train 9 dogs at the same time with the help of one remote transmitter. Hence, if you have a greater number of dogs at your home then this is going to be an ideal choice for you. Because of its versatile features, it can be used for dogs of 15lbs-100lbs weight.

  • Adjustable for various size dogs
  • Best for training dogs
  • Multiple training modes and rainproof design
  • Avoid accidental press
  • Not available in multiple colors

6: PATPET Collar IPX7 (Best Waterproof Shock Collars for Pitbulls)

PATPET Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock Training Modes, Adjustable Shock Levels

Want to train your canine with respect and greater affection? Then this IPX7 training collar by PATPET will be a perfect option for you. With that being said, let’s have a look at all of its other features which it offers you.

On the bright side, it has a wireless remote which provides you long-range control of 1000 feet. As well as its training modes are concerned, it is equipped with three different modes that you can set according to your changing requirements. 

Being a dog owner, you will be very much concerned about your little friend and often ends up wondering are shock collars good for Pitbulls? Yes, these are safe and help you in treating the negative behavior of your dog so, he will show friendly behavior towards your friends and family.

Coming back to this collar description, it has three different training modes and 8 vibration levels. It is also equipped with 16 adjustable shock levels so; you can easily customize it according to your pet’s behavior. 

Another great feature is its wireless remote and ergonomic design with which you can quickly & easily control it. Besides, it has a nylon belt and can be used for the canines of 15 to 100 pounds weight. Also, it has a super safe protection mode which means that vibration will automatically turn off if exceeded by more than 10 seconds. 

  • Waterproof design
  • Long battery life
  • Three training modes
  • Wireless remote for long-range control
  • Some users claim that it’s not much durable

7: PetSpy P620B Collar (Best Vibrating Shock Collar for Pitbulls)

PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar for 2 Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Fully Waterproof Remote Trainer with Two E-Collars, 10-140 lbs (for 2 Dogs)

If you are looking for a premium quality shock collar that can fix your dog’s behavior within days then this one is for you. Besides, PetSpy is a reliable choice of professional trainers and the P620B shock is not an exception. Let’s explore its other features to have an idea about its plus points as well as the downside.

On top of that, this shock collar has a blind operation which means that you can easily use it because of its distinguishing modes. On the bright side, it has a lifetime guarantee and full-time customer service so, if you have faced any issue you can easily ask for assistance.

If you are first time keeping the Pitbull then you will surely have to face their high-pitch sounds sometimes. In this situation, you often end up wondering how do I get my Pitbull to stop bullying? Here, is the good news for you that this vibration shock collar comes with a comprehensive e-book for dog training. 

Besides, it also contains some useful videos for providing you with complete assistance to its users. Therefore, you can easily learn all of the fundamentals of handling the unusual behavior of Pitbulls without any hindrance. You will get this all in free along with the training collar so, you don’t need to buy these separately. 

  • A premium quality shock collar
  • Lifetime replacement
  • 3 different training modes
  • Comes with a useful training guide
  • Doesn’t works great for furry canines

8: SportDog – SD-425 (Two Dog Field Trainer for Introductory)

Another great option on the list and as the name depicts it’s the combination of SD-425 as well as SDR-AF. Moreover, the customer is pleased with its performance and their satisfaction shows that its worth of purchasing. Now it’s time to talk about all of the features, pros, and cons of this amazing shock collar.

First of all, note that it is only suitable for those Pitbulls who have low to moderate temperaments and could not be used for aggressive dogs. However, if you want to have the best shock collar for stubborn dogs then check out this link.

Meanwhile, it is a perfect option to cater to the needs of less aggressive dogs and comes with powerful batteries. Adding to this, its battery can last from 50-70 hours depending on the frequency of its usage. Besides, it has a pretty fast charging ability so, you don’t have to wait after connecting this with the charger as it can be fully charged in only two hours.

Speaking about its other features, it has 7 levels of vibration and stimulation along with a tone that can be changed at once. Its range is more than 500 and although it is for two dogs you can also use it for three dogs at a time without disturbing its functions. 

  • Long battery life
  • Comes with 7 different levels of vibrations
  • Fast charging ability and waterproof
  • The best option for low to moderate temperament dogs
  • Some users complain about its durability

9. NVK Dog Training Collar – 2 Receiver Rechargeable Collars for Dogs 

NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote - Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with 3 Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, Waterproof Collar, 1600Ft Remote Range, Adjustable Shock Levels

The next product on the list is the NVK dog training collar that is not only great in terms of design but also gives better performance. Move down to its description below and figure out by yourself whether it will help you in controlling your Pitbull or not?

This anti-bark collar for Pitbulls contains three training modes that are safe and reliable for training your pet. Adding to this, it has a shock mode that consists of 1-99 levels and a vibration mode comprising of 1-9 levels. The third mode is standard tone mode which is also called beep mode.

Hence, you can easily set the intensity of its mode for setting the dog’s bad behavior which includes digging, barking, biting, or aggression. Other than that, it features an adjustable nylon collar with a 12-to-25-inch thickness that can be used for small, medium, and large dogs.

Besides, it is powered with the RF434Mhz technology that provides a range of more than 1000ft in the absence of obstacles. It is very flexible so you can train your dog any time during indoor and backdoor activities. Furthermore, it is resistant to water so you don’t need to worry if it starts raining during outdoor training. 

Additionally, it has 4 channel selections and industry-leading customer service to help you in sorting out your issues. It also has a warranty of 12 months so, if you face any trouble during this time then you can claim it.

  • Three training modes
  • Easy to adjust the collar
  • Best for training dogs
  • Safety key lock to prevent injuries
  • Expensive

10. Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Wireless Perimeter

Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System w/ (1 or 2) Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collar, Safe Perimeter Electric Dog Fence Wire & Remote Dog Training – Above No Dig or Underground Wire Fence

The distinction of Pet Control HQ is that it also gives an electronic fence to keep your dog safe along with providing a shock collar. Being a pet parent, this 2 in 1 product will be a wise investment to take care of your dogs along with providing the right training environment.

Before moving towards its description, let me clear this point that is a collar or harness better for Pitbull? To be honest, any electronic dog training tool needs to be handled with proper care, and make sure to read its instructions before using it. So, if you appropriately use them then these will not be harmful to your cute dog.

The pack contains a collar and in-ground fence system and both of these are connected with a receiver collar. As well as collar fitting is concerned, it can be used for 11-154 pounds dog weight with 8–27-inch neck thickness. Meanwhile, it can be used for than 3–4-mile distance and can work for three dogs at a time.

Furthermore, it comes with 492 feet of 20-gauge wire, and it is completely up to you whether you install it above the ground or below it. Hence, you can set the boundaries according to your own needs without facing any issues.

  • Comes with an electronic fence
  • Can be used for 3 dogs at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Great product for the price
  • Charging cables need improvement

11. My Pet Command 1.25 Mile (6600 Ft) Dog Training Collar

My Pet Command 1.25 Mile (6600 Ft) Dog Training Collar Safe Dog Shock Collar with Remote Shock, Vibrate, Tone and Flashing Beacon Lights Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Hunting add Up to 3 Collars

This one is a very reliable shock collar with a super-long range and you will surely it. Besides, it has a 12-month warranty, highly supportive customer service, and top-notch features. So, let’s walk into the details of this training collar to know about your next purchase.

The most prominent feature of this Pet kit that makes it distinguished from all other products is its large range (up to 1.25 miles). Besides, it has a long battery life so, you won’t have any trouble in teaching the basic obedience skills to your Pitbull. It can be used for three dogs and doesn’t harm them during training which makes it safe and reliable to use.

Other than that, it has 10 different levels of electrostatic shock, vibrations, and audible tones. Another great feature is that it comes with bright night lights which will assist you to track your dogs in dark areas. 

Adding to this, it is a waterproof collar and exceptionally durable hence, could be used for a longer duration after purchasing once. Needless to say, your dog can easily swim or play in the water because of its water-proof design.

Also, it comes with some useful accessories which include a USB power adapter along with a USA plug and dual USB charging cable. It also has short and long plastic prongs which are very effective for training Pitbulls. 

  • Super-long range
  • Safe and effective collar for training
  • Features bright beacon flashing lights
  • Waterproof and has a long battery life
  • Its manual is a bit confusing

12. Lu&Ba Collar (Best Remote Shock Collar for Pitbull)

Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar, Waterproof Dog Training Collar with Remote Rechargeable Electric Training Collar with Beep Vibration and Shock Mode Suitable for Small Medium Large Dogs

This dog shock collar by Lu&Ba is a perfect option to control the behavior of your Pitbulls for developing a friendly relationship with them. So, let’s walk through all of its other important features without any further delay.

It has three modes for training including a beep mode and vibration mode with 1-16 adjustable shock levels. Thanks to its security switch mode that you can carry it easily without getting worried about accidental shocks. 

Besides, it can support two dogs for training at a time because of its dual-channel feature. Other than that, it assists your dog in quickly learning the commands hence, it is the best option for training Pitbulls. If you are looking for some trustworthy place to purchase an efficient shock collar for aggressive dogs then please click here.

Moreover, it has a waterproof receiver so, your pet can play in rain as well as swim in the pool without any trouble. Its receiver as well as remote, are rechargeable and could be used for 2-3 hours after charging once. 

On the bright side, it has an appealing design and is lightweight hence, very comfortable for small & large dogs. Also, it has been passed through extensive tests and finds useful for training the dogs as it doesn’t harm their psyche. It also has one year warranty so that, you can have a hassle-free purchase. 

  • Sleek design and light in weight
  • Waterproof
  • Long and powerful battery life
  • Equipped with three training modes
  • Provide excellent value in return for money
  • Its vibration strength is tricky to adjust

Buying Guide For Best Shock Collars for Pitbulls

Shock collars are effective only if they are of better quality and according to the nature of your dog. So, please don’t pick up any random products for your dog and read thoroughly all of the important features of the best shock collars for Pitbulls.

To choose the right product for your canine, you have to go through the dozens of products available in the market. This will surely be overwhelming for you especially for the new pet parents however, this issue is going to sort out today. As below I have listed all of the important factors which you need to consider in this regard. 

Additional Modes

First of all, have a clear idea about the nature of your dog and observe whether he needs any equipment for discipline? Does he show aggressive behavior or easily follow all of your commands? Note that, not all pooch needs electronic gadgets for training so, pay attention to your dog’s temperament first.

After figuring out that, now look for a useful shock collar and the best training shock collars for Pitbulls have different training modes. These modes further consist of warning beeps or vibrations and shocks. However, using shock should be the last option, and try to correct your dog’s behavior by using beep or vibration firstly. 

Intensity Level

Moreover, the intensity level of these collars also varies as every dog has a different level of sensation and potential. Here again, it will vary according to your dog’s nature as some pets only need a mild static shock for training. 

However, some stubborn canine needs high-intensity shocks for correctifying their behavior. Therefore, look for a collar that has different intensity levels so, you can use it effectively in various situations.  


Another important feature is the weight of the shock collar that greatly impacts its performance. Not to mention that it should be light in weight and comfortable so that your pet doesn’t get irritated after wearing it. Make sure that it doesn’t feel like a burden on your dog’s neck otherwise, he can refuse to wear it.  


At the same time, the range of the shock collar is also important for determining its efficiency. Therefore, prefer to purchase a collar with a long-term range so that you can conveniently use it for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Battery Timing 

Besides, we cannot overlook the importance of a powerful battery as it is considered the spinal cord of the shock collar. Hence, one must check out the battery timing and power of a collar before reaching any final decisions. 

Other Features 

Some other important features include night lights that will help to observe your dog during the nighttime. Moreover, a collar with a waterproof design will be more effective as it will allow your pet to comfortably play in the water. Besides, the warranty of this gadget is another important aspect which you can consider for having a worry-free purchase. 


The best shock collars for Pitbulls make them well-disciplined and improve your relationship with them. 

All of these products will do the job but my favorite pick is Educator E-Collar remote dog training collar. It provides you more value with its long-term range and different customizable options which are easy to use.

Besides, I have done my job, now the final choice is yours and doesn’t forget to give your opinion for further improvement.


FAQ’s Best Shock Collar for Pitbulls

Are shock collars bad for Pitbulls?

Shock collars are electrical equipment having adjustable intensity and these don’t harm Pitbulls when used appropriately. However, their misuse can cause anxiety, depression, and physical injury.  

Do shock collars work for aggressive dogs?

These will only work for aggressive dogs if you know how to use these otherwise, they can make the dog’s behavior even worse. 

Can a shock collar kill a dog?

Shock collars can lead to misfortunate incidents if used by an untrained person because they are electronic devices. 

Does every Pitbull need a shock collar to be trained? 

No, every Pitbull has a different nature and it entirely depends on your dog’s temperament. So, understand the nature of your dog first and then treat it accordingly. 

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