How Many Volts is a Shock Collar

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Shock collars are an excellent training tool for dogs. They emit a shock to get the dog’s attention and cause them to associate something they’re doing with their action. However, there is some confusion about how many volts is a shock collar have?

The straight answer is that the voltage in a dog shock collar varies from collars to collar from about six volts to about six thousand volts. However, it is not simple because there are many different dog training collars, and their voltages can vary depending on your requirement.

Therefore, here you get to see the details of the volts in a collar and get a guide about is the shock collar dangerous for your dog or not?

What is a Shock Collar?

A shock collar is a training device that is used to train your dog by sending an electric current. For example, if the pet misbehaves or gets into some trouble, it can trigger this product and give a mild electrical stimulation on their neck area so they behave well in the future.

There are two benefits from using a shock collar:

  1. Get your desirable behavior results
  2. Best for your pet’s safety

The electric current produced by a shock collar is high voltage. On the other hand, its intensity might depend on what type of collar you use as there are different types of electric shock collars available for cats, birds, dogs, etcetera according to their size and weight. The standard voltage ranges between 0-100V.

The shock or electronic training collars are available in two different styles:

  • Rechargeable Collars
  • Non-Rechargeable Shock Collars

According to the convenience, you can select one for your pet as both have their pros and cons. So, after knowing what a shock collar is, let’s take a closer look at how many volts is a shock collar?

How Many Volts Is a Shock Collar Have?

Shock collars are available in different voltage levels, and it is advisable to set the right stimulation level. If you will increase or decrease the voltage at a higher level than what your dog can tolerate, then there are chances that he might get hurt, and if you do so with lower settings than required, then he may not feel anything as well.

If we talk about how many volts does a shock collar have? Then, an electric shock ranges from 0-1000V, and most of them come in the 100-3000 V range, which is considered safe for dogs.

However, these voltages are also different because they depend on their size and breed type. Larger breeds need more power to stimulate them, whereas smaller ones don’t require extra powerful shocks.

If your dog is not responding to lower settings, you can gradually increase the voltage level until it starts feeling something.

What Are The Different Types of Shock Collars?

Electric training collars or shock collars are often considered a controversial kind of training equipment, but they can be really helpful for dogs with behavioural issues.

The most common types of shock collars include:

Static Shock Collar

It is the cheapest and simplest type that emits a small electric current at all times to prevent barking or anything else that may upset your dog’s concentration. However, this type does not allow you to control how much stimulation it delivers.

Moreover, we don’t have any effective method to know if the stimulation has reached your pet since some pets have thick fur that can act as an insulator against electrical shocks.

Remote Activation Shock Collar

this kind of shock collar is activated by a hand-held transmitter that can control stimulation and strength.

These collars are most suitable for dogs with behavioural issues since they allow you to deliver an appropriate amount of shock, depending on their behaviour or action at that moment.

Stimulus-Response Shock Collar

This kind of collar delivers a shock when your dog barks. It is very useful for dogs that are easily distracted by other sights or sounds. Conversely, it can also be activated at the sound of your voice, making it quite useless if you need to train your pet not to bark.

Can a Shock Collar Kill a Dog?

A shock collar is an electrical device that releases small electric shocks to dogs. Most professional trainers use this dog training tool for various purposes like housebreaking, leash-training. It can also be used as a deterrent during poor behaviour or unwanted behaviour or excessive barking.

On the other hand, some crucial facts about shock collars make people wonder what type of voltage is a shock collar and whether it can kill a dog.

First of all, there are two types of shock collars available in the present market. One is a low-level shock collar with a voltage of 0-75V, and another is high-intensity shock collars with up to 330 volts of power.

Now, let’s move on to know whether it can kill a dog or not?

Yes! But only under certain circumstances where it is used for long periods of time.

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In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of how many volts is a shock collar, how it works, and what are the different types available.

The main purpose of the shock collar is to train your dog and make them obedient. But, excessive of anything is bad, so use the shock collar with care and proper guidance.


How Many Volts Can Kill a Dog?

The shock collar that comes with a metal surface and has up to 100 volts may harm your dog. However, as per the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association (ECMA), manufacturers consider that a shock collar with less than 100 volts is not fatal for dogs.

How Much Voltage is Safe for a Dog?

A minimum of 100 volts can be used on dogs, but if you want to use it for a long time, then the recommended voltage is 400 volts.

What Type of Shock Collar Can Emit How Much Volt?

Electrical shock collars that are used for bark control and containment can emit a low voltage of 100 volts. For hunting dogs, training, or remote control dog trainers, shock collars that emit 400 volts are used.

Is it Safe to Use a Dog Shock Collar?

If you are using a high-quality electric dog collar, then it is safe to use. These shock electronic dog collars come with a preset system that emits the minimum required voltage for your pet.