Why Dogs Get Stuck While Matin

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Dogs are notorious for getting stuck while mating, this is also known as “tie”. This is not problematic but if you’re a dog owner, then you should know why dogs get stuck while mating?

The answer is that during mating, male dogs get their gentile part locked into the female dogs’ gentile part. This is a matter of nature. This is done because the glands known as bulbis in male dogs’ penis swell with blood and this prevents the dog from pulling out.

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Why Dogs Get Stuck While Mating?

The medical reason behind this is that dogs get stuck while mating is because their reproductive organs are tipped with backward-pointing spines and also because of the presence of the bulbis glandis.

Spiny male organs evolved to remove the sperm of previous males that dogs might have mated with. However, this act puts dogs at risk of getting stuck while mating because the harder the female dog pulls away, the deeper the male dog gets locked in.

To prevent this from happening, when mating with a female dog, put a hand on your dog’s abdomen to feel when the bulbis glands are swollen. Bulbis are the glands located on the male dogs’ reproductive organs.

When these glands swell, it means that they are about to ejaculate, so at this time the dog cannot get out of the female.

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Mating

You should surely know about the types of mating if you are a dog lover. Following are some different types of mating explained:

1:The Traditional Tie

This is also known as conventional mating. In this, the male dog usually ejaculates inside the female and then separates from her.

2: Extended Tie

In extended mating, after ejaculation is done, dogs may separate or they may remain tied for an extended amount of time which can be a few minutes to a half-hour.

3: Non-Conventional Tie

This is also known as the reverse tie; the dog’s rear end goes inside of the female dog. Instead of the male dog’s penis being locked into the female, his testicles are. This is also known as “a knot”.

4: Standing Tie

In this form, mating takes an extended amount of time and the female is usually motionless while being mounted. It is a rare type of copulation that can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes.

5: Side To Side Tie

Both dogs’ mating organs are locked together, but they’re not attached to each other organ to organ. This is also known as a side tie.

6: Copulatory Lock

This is the most dangerous type of tie because blood cannot leave the dogs’ mating organs, which can cause severe health problems like swelling, clotting, and ruptures. These dogs should immediately be taken to the vet for treatment.

7: Double Tie

This is when two dogs are mating with each other. It is not very common but it does happen. So owning more than one dog can lead to this type of mating. And if this happens, you should separate the dogs to avoid injury.

Females are the only ones to experience the discomfort caused by mating.

How Does A Male Dog Get Stuck While Mating?

If mating takes less than twenty seconds, the male dog will not get stuck because there is enough time for him to release before swelling begins. However, if it lasts for more than twenty seconds, then he runs the risk of getting stuck.

Males dogs can become stuck while mating because their reproductive organs are tipped with backwards-pointing spines and also because of the presence of the bulbous glands.

What Are The Different Types Of Mating Injuries

Beware that being stuck in dogs while mating sometimes leads to a very bad injury. So, you should know about the types of injuries which can be caused by this action, which are the following:

1: Genital Bruising

This type of injury is typically found on the dog’s mating organ. It can vary from small bruises to severe bruising that may result in swelling, extreme pain, and clotting of blood. The smaller ones are easily treated but larger injuries require immediate veterinary attention.

2: Ruptured Testicles

If the testicles are ruptured, the dog will suffer from severe pain. The dog may also vomit, bleed internally, display signs of shock, and show signs of discomfort while urinating. This is a very serious condition that needs immediate veterinary attention.

3: Penile Fracture

This type of injury can be caused by trying to separate two dogs who are stuck together. This action may cause the male’s reproductive organ to break, something that causes severe bleeding and pain. The dog will carry physical scars for life if this injury is left untreated. He may also lose his ability to procreate because the scar tissue may damage his penis.

4: Perforated Penis

This is also a serious injury that, if left untreated, will cause the dog to lose its ability to procreate. It is caused by the dog trying to separate from the female too quickly. This can be treated but it will require immediate veterinary attention.

5: Permanent Disability

This is an extremely serious injury that can lead to canine infertility. This can be caused by the dog trying to separate itself from the female too quickly. If this happens, it can result in the dog’s penis becoming irretrievably stuck inside of the female’s uterus.

This injury is not easy to treat and can cause the dog to become infertile.

6: Death

This is a very rare injury but it is possible. If the male becomes stuck to the point where there is no way for him to get out of the female, then the male’s death is a possibility. The pressure from his own swollen organ and the force needed to separate himself can cause him to suffer from stroke, heart attack, and even suffocation. This happens in very rare cases which is why this injury should not be feared.

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How To Treat A Canine Mating Injury?

In most cases, canine mating injuries do not require any kind of medical treatment. However, if the injury is small and it does not cause discomfort to the dog, then a veterinarian may recommend a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in order to reduce swelling and pain. These can be given orally or by injection. These treatment options also work on dogs who have been castrated.

The more serious injuries, such as genital bruising and ruptured testicles, require immediate veterinary attention. The veterinarian will prescribe painkillers that can be given to the dog orally or by injection. In cases of severe bleeding, these injuries may require a blood transfusion from another dog.

For injuries such as a penile fracture or perforated penis, quick surgical intervention is needed.  Surgery will remove any scar tissue and allow the dog to regain its ability to procreate.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stuck While Mating?

If your dog is stuck with another, try to calm the animals down by speaking in a gentle voice. If you must separate them, then do it slowly and gently. Do not pull or yank them because this can cause severe injuries that require immediate medical attention. If you cannot separate them, then seek out the help of a veterinarian.


Dogs getting stuck while mating is not a very common occurrence. But, why do dogs get stuck while mating? However, this should not be a cause for concern because most of the time these injuries can go untreated. In some cases, a veterinarian will prescribe painkillers and treatment options to speed up the dog’s recovery.


Are there any ways to prevent a male dog from getting stuck during mating?

No, the essential part of mating is for the male dog to get stuck in order to prevent him from pulling away prematurely.

How do you prevent your dog from getting stuck during mating?

You cannot prevent your dog from getting stuck during mating. This is a part of the natural process that dogs go through with every mating session.

Is it possible for dogs to die when they get stuck while mating?

This is extremely rare, in fact, there are no documented cases in which dogs have actually died because of this.

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