best dog collar to prevent matting

Best Dog Collar to Prevent Matting

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Dog collars are essential for keeping our furry best friends secure. As a pet parent also knows, especially if you have a pooch with a long coat, matting can become an issue that gets in the way of enjoying quality time together. Activities like morning walks can turn into an unpleasant experience of untangling your pup’s mane and making sure no knots stay behind. If matting isn’t addressed quickly and properly, it can lead to skin irritation, uncomfortable lumpy patches on the body of your pup, and a lack of fur growth due to hair breakage.

Thankfully, you can avoid these troubling issues by choosing a dog collar that helps prevent matting. With one of these collars, you’re providing your best friend comfort and wellbeing. Keep reading to see our recommendations for the best dog collars to prevent matting.

Best Dog Collars To Prevent Matting in 2022

You’ll notice that most of our recommendations in this article are leather collars. Natural leather has properties that make it a distinctly suitable material for dog collars, since it is breathable and non-irritating to a dog’s skin. So collars made from genuine leather—and rolled or round leather collars all the more so—keep our furry friends comfortable. We’ll cover this further below. We’ll also provide some of the best non-leather dog collar options for preventing matting.

1. BRONZEDOG Round Leather Dog Collar

The round shape of rolled leather is designed to prevent damage or irritation of your dog’s fur or skin. So rolled collars like this one from BRONZEDOG are particularly good for keeping matting at bay. This collar is made of 100% genuine leather. The soft, rolled leather is gentle on your dog’s neck.

If your dog has a thick coat of fur, this collar is one of the best options we’ve found to prevent them from getting tangled up and matted. Multiple dog owners report that this round collar is great for not damaging their dogs’ hair or irritating their necks.

The collar is equipped with a rustproof, heavy-duty metal buckle and a non-corrosive D-ring. The materials are strong and durable to provide for the safety of your pet while walking or training them. 

2. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

CollarDirect’s rolled leather collar has a combination of hand-crafted quality, comfort, style and affordability.

This handmade leather dog collar is a great choice for a dog that has a long coat or tends to have matting problems.

Around a dog’s neck, this collar is elegant, pliable, light, and will keep your furry friend comfortable.

It has a buckle with a metal collar snap closure that allows for an easy fit. The collar is adjustable and works like a belt; you can adjust the width at any point along the length of it for a proper fit on a dog of almost any size.

This collar also comes in tons of colors—over 25 different color options. So you can choose one that suits your taste, or your dog’s character! 

3. Soft Touch Luxury Leather Padded Dog Collar

This is a beautiful, high-quality padded dog collar for your furry friend. It’s made of soft, durable genuine leather. The Soft Touch collar is not round or rolled leather like the collars reviewed above. Yet the edges of this collar are nicely finished; gentle and not sharp, so this helps for preventing matting. Plus the super softness of the leather and the padding inside this collar will keep your pooch quite comfortable. 

This collar comes with D-ring for easy leash attachment. It also has a sturdy quick-release buckle, so you don’t have to struggle with those rugged buckles when putting it on or taking it off. The D-ring on this collar is very sturdy, and it’s perfect for attaching a leash. I use my own, but if you’d like you can purchase the matching leash.

The item fits neck size 14.5 to 17.5 inches; the width is one inch.

The collar also has a small ring that you can use to put tags or charms onto it. It’s a nice feature if you don’t want the bulkiness of too many extra rings on one collar. This way, they will wear only this one stylish yet functional leather dog accessory.

Speaking of style, the Soft Touch collar comes in appealing color combinations, such as two-tone tan and teal, that will look great on any dog.

4. Waterproof, Odor-Proof, Anti-Matting Dog Collar

This nylon dog collar has many useful features that will benefit your dog and make your life easier. Made by the Tiger Tail brand, this dog collar is designed to prevent matting.

It’s also waterproof and odor-proof. This is super helpful when a dog gets into activities that involve water or dirt. And this collar is so easy to clean; just wipe it off with a damp cloth and it’s good to go. 

If you’re looking for a non-leather dog collar to prevent matting, this one fits the bill. It’s made of premium quality nylon that’s coated for comfort. It’s designed so that it won’t pull or mat a dog’s fur.

It comes in four adjustable sizes from extra small to large. You can see the size chart on the collar page listing for instructions on how to measure your dog’s neck. This collar also comes with a lifetime warranty; the company will replace the product you’ve purchased from them if it breaks for any reason, which is an awesome guarantee.

5. Mendota Pet Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Mendota Rolled Leather is the best collar to prevent matting and sensitive skin irritation. It’s also very durable, comfortable, and looks great. Due to the softness of the collar, it’s very kind to your dog’s neck.

It’s made of a high-quality leather core that will last for years to come. The brass hardware makes it corrosion resistant so you can enjoy this collar for a long time. It’s very durable and looks beautiful as well.

These rolled and genuine leather collars come in two sizes – Training with a slip clip and Standard with a clip.

Other Worthwhile Options

FYI: We used to recommend the Coastal brand’s Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar in this article. Overall, this item is still a good dog collar for preventing matting. However, its most recent reviews have been mixed, with about half of the customers saying they like this dog collar for preventing matting and other reasons, while the other half of recent reviewers say they were disappointed due to an apparent decline in quality, color transfer onto their dog’s fur, or related reasons. Given these noticeably split, mixed reviews that have appeared recently, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend this particular dog collar at this time (February 2024). But it’s still a good brand overall, and if you want to check out the Coastal Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar, you can find it here.

Meanwhile, the Mendota Pet brand that we mentioned above in this article has offered quality products consistently. Mendota Pet also has some non-leather collar options for dogs. For those who appreciate some of the qualities of leather but also have concerns about it, Mendota’s Durasoft Imitation Leather Collar is a wonderful alternative collar with the look and feel of soft leather. Yet it’s made from a non-leather material that is odor-resistant and waterproof. If you’re looking for a well-made alternative to a soft leather dog collar, you can find Mendota’s Durasoft Imitation Leather Collar here.

In addition to giving your canine companion one of the best dog collars to prevent matting, below are some more tips to keep your pooch from getting tangled up.

Tips For Preventing Matting

  1. Brush your dog’s coat regularly with a de-shedding brush.
  2. Avoid bathing your dog too often as this can strip the natural oils from their coat and lead to matting.
  3. If you must bathe your dog, be sure to use a conditioner designed for double-coated breeds.
  4. Condition leather collars regularly with a leather conditioner to keep them supple and prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.
  5. Dogs such as Doodles tend to mat easily due to their dense, curly coats. To prevent your long or curly-haired pooch from matting, you can brush their coat daily with a de-shedding brush. Also use a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to help prevent mats from forming.
  6. A harness can help to prevent matting if it is used correctly. A harness should be fitted properly and made from a material that will not cause matting. You should also avoid using a harness that rubs on your dog’s coat as this can lead to matting.

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