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Do dogs suffer when they drown? Yes, drowned animals suffer from hypoxia (low oxygen) and anoxia (no oxygen) long before their deaths – as do humans.

Dogs die when they are drowning because they inhale a large amount of water that makes them breathless and unconscious.

It takes a dog only two to three minutes to lose consciousness due to the limited volume of air they have in their lungs.

So, always keep your dog at least a minimum distance away from the water while it is running or playing near water ponds. It can be dangerous for your dog too.

Is It Common For Dogs To Drown?

Yes – especially puppies who still need to grow up. Even adult dogs can drown in shallow water. The best way to prevent drowning is to never leave your pet unattended near any body of freshwater and to always supervise your pet closely when your animal does go near such bodies of water.

How Long Does It Take To Drown A Dog?

It takes only a few seconds for a puppy to drown. Adult dogs, however, require more time to drown – usually 5-10 minutes.

When you let your dog run around next to ponds or rivers, there is always a risk that your dog may fall in. If so, your dog will experience rapid breathing difficulty within 2 minutes.

Can A Dog Recover From Drowning?

No, a dog cannot survive longer than 30 minutes without oxygen. The cells in the brain are damaged within 10 minutes. 

Once a dog loses its ability to breathe, even if the dog was revived after 15 minutes in the cold waters of a stream or lake, he would not regain consciousness again.

Most dogs don’t live very long afterward; just 12% of dogs survived more than one year, compared with 88% of cats.

What To Do After A Dog Drowns?

You must immediately take action to save a drowning dog’s life; otherwise, the chances of survival diminish drastically. Your dog needs medical care right away.

However, dogs that have been in freshwater for less than 2 hours are usually dead on arrival at the vet’s office because their body temperature has already reached 40 degrees Celsius (104°F).

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What Causes The Death Of a Dog During Drown?

The primary cause of death is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Other factors include traumatic injuries caused by being dragged under the surface, inability to swim, over-exertion during swimming activity, excessive exposure to cold water temperatures, heart failure, and heatstroke.

Do Dogs Suffer When They Drown? Is There Any Risk?

Yes! A drowning event is a serious trauma that could result in severe illness or death. The animal goes through a series of events in which the oxygen-rich blood supply becomes depleted from the brain.

This leads to a state called “hypoxic” as the brain and tissues become starved of enough oxygen. This can happen within seconds to up to 30 minutes. If allowed to continue, this process can lead to irreversible damage and ultimately, death.

How Long Can A Dog Swim Before Drowning?

A dog can swim almost 20 minutes unharmed if proper precautions are taken. However, most dogs do not swim well or are unable to make it across a large body of water. Most dogs stay afloat for only 3 minutes before sinking to the bottom of the water.

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What Causes Drowning In Dogs? 

The most common causes of drowning are:

  • People throwing stones into ponds/rivers causing them to overflow
  • Chasing dogs near ponds
  • Playing with pets by children
  • Pets getting loose around water sources
  • Pet owners leaving dogs alone to play in a pond or river


Hope so now you understand Do dogs suffer when they drown? Dogs do not like freshwater so, take them away from it. When they encounter such water, they find it frightening and unpleasant. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that no dog be left alone near freshwater.


Why does my dog need to learn how to swim?

Dogs should be taught to swim whether or not you plan to get into a pond or river. It’s a good idea to teach young puppies, but a dog should never be forced to swim. 

How do I convince my dog to go swimming?

Teach your puppy to enjoy water play and swimming. Choose a safe place where they won’t be hurt and provide plenty of toys and treats while they’re immersed. Keep it fun and light.

How much time will my dog spend swimming?

In general, it takes four to five days of immersion therapy to prepare a puppy for basic water games and activities.

Are dogs afraid of water?

Water isn’t scary to them, but many puppies and older dogs fear falling into the water. Be supportive while teaching your dog to swim properly.

What happens if my dog falls into the water?

If your dog falls into fresh or saltwater, he’ll likely sink. But keep him above shallow waters until help arrives. If possible, pull him out using a leash and don’t let anyone else try to rescue him. Wait until he floats back to shore.

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