How Long Do Puppies Need a Heating Pad

How Long Do Puppies Need a Heating Pad? Detailed Guide 2022

To keep the newborn puppies warm, place an electric blanket or heating pad on top of them. The best way to use an electric blanket or heating mat is to put it under the puppy’s bottom and back. This will help to keep the puppies from getting too hot.

The heating pad should not be used for more than two hours at a time but it will also depend on different factors that you need to consider. You may want to consider using a heating pad with a timer so that you don’t burn your dog while trying to keep them warm.

So, here we come up with a detailed guide about how long do puppies need a heating pad? and what factors depend on the time duration. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

What is Heating Pad?

An animal heating pad is a device that uses electricity to produce warmth through conduction. It works by transferring heat energy from one surface to another. A heating pad has many advantages over other types of heating devices such as space heaters because it does not emit any harmful gases into the air.

Heating pads are great for keeping pets warm during the winter months. They provide warmth without causing discomfort.

How Long Do Puppies Need a Heating Pad?

Puppies generally need a heating pad for around four weeks. However, this depends on several factors including:

1. Age of the puppy

The age of the puppy determines how much time it takes for them to get used to being in the house. If the puppy is young, then it might take longer to adjust to the new environment. Older puppies have already adjusted to the change and therefore, they will probably need less time to adapt.

2. Size of the puppy

The size of the puppy plays a major role in determining how long they need a heating pad. Smaller puppies usually need less time to adjust to the changes in their surroundings. Larger puppies will need more time to acclimate themselves to the new environment.

3. Breed of the puppy

Different breeds of dogs have different levels of tolerance towards body heat. For example, German Shepherds are known to be sensitive to heat, and therefore, they need extra attention when exposed to high temperatures.

4. The temperature of the room

The temperature of the room where the puppy lives also affects how long they need a heating pad. Cold rooms tend to make puppies feel uncomfortable and if left alone in these conditions, they can become ill. On the other hand, warmer environments and comfortable temperatures make puppies happy and comfortable. So, it is very important to keep the normal body temperature of the dog after knowing about the proper temperature of the room.

Moreover, there are some other factors that determine how long do puppies need to use a heating pad. These include:

5. Amount of food consumed

Puppies who eat more often will need a perfect heating pad for shorter periods of time. Those who eat less frequently will need a heating pad longer.

6. Time spent outside

Puppies spend most of their time outdoors. Therefore, they are exposed to higher environmental temperatures. If you leave them out all day, they will likely need a suitable heating pad for longer periods of time.

7. Duration of exposure

When a puppy spends prolonged periods of time in a heated environment, he/she will eventually get used to the heat. This means that the puppy will no longer need a heating pad.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your puppy closely every hour or so to ensure that they are still comfortable.

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What are the Benefits of Heating Pads?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider getting a heating pad for your dog. Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should purchase one:

1. It provides warmth

Your pet will benefit greatly from a heating pad because it helps keep them warm. When they are cold, they will want to snuggle up close to you.

2. They are safe

Pet heating pads are extremely safe. Unlike other heating devices, they do not emit dangerous chemicals into the air. So, your dog will stay safe and secure by having a heating mat. 

3. They are easy to clean

Unlike other heating devices, heating pads are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe down the surface with soap and water.

4. They are economical

Puppy heating pads are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of heating devices. They are also durable and reliable which is another factor that increases the heating pad’s lifespan.

Are Heating Pads Good for Puppies?

Yes, heating pads are great for puppies. In fact, they are perfect for any type of animal. However, it is recommended that you only use pet heating pads on small animals such as puppies because they are too fragile to handle large animals like cats.

Moreover, heating pads are best for smaller animals because they are easier to control. A larger animal may accidentally knock over the device while trying to move around.

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When Can Puppies Regulate their Body Temperature?

Most puppies can regulate their body temperature within a couple of hours after birth. However, this varies depending on the breed of the dog. Some breeds of dogs are born with a lower tolerance for heat than others.

For instance, German Shepherd puppies are usually born with a low tolerance for heat due to their thick fur coat. As a result, they can easily get overheated.

However, the opposite is true for poodles. Poodles have a high tolerance for heat. Their coats are thin and they don’t have much hair at all.

This means that they are able to maintain their body temperature even if they are exposed to extreme heat.


A heating pad is an excellent way to help your pet stay warm during colder weather. As mentioned earlier, pet heating pads are safer than other heating devices. Moreover, they are affordable, portable, and easy to use on puppies.

However, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using a heating pad. Also, always supervise your puppy while using a heating pad. In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of how long do puppies need a heating pad.


How much does a heating pad cost?

A heating pad costs between $20-30 depending on the brand and model. The price varies based on the quality of the product and whether it has special features.
However, even though heating pads are quite expensive, they are worth every penny. They provide many benefits to your pet and save you money at the same time.

Do I need a heating pad for my puppy?

You probably already know that puppies love to cuddle up next to their parents.
This makes sense since they were born inside the womb. Puppies are unable to regulate their own body temperature and therefore must rely on their mom or dad to keep them warm.
As soon as they are born, they begin to lose heat through their skin and fur. As a result, they start shivering and crying.
To help calm them down, you should place them near a heater or heating pad. It will help them relax and stop shaking.

How long does a heating pad last?

The lifespan of a heating pad depends on its use. For example, if you only use it occasionally, then it may not last very long.
On the other hand, if you use it regularly, then it may last longer.
In general, most heating pads last around one year. However, some models can last up to two years.

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