Why Does My Puppy Keep Scratching His Collar

Why Does My Puppy Keep Scratching His Collar? Ultimate Guide 2022

Why does my puppy keep scratching his collar? This can be very frustrating for you as a pet owner, but you don’t need to worry. Dogs often scratch their collars because they are bored or anxious. If they scratch too much, it could cause skin irritation.

There are several reasons why dogs might scratch their collars. They may be bored, stressed out, or even suffering from separation anxiety. In some cases, it could also be a sign of pain.

Let’s come with me to know why your puppy scratches his collar and solve the problem. 

Is It Normal For A Puppy To Scratch His Collar?

This scratching behavior is normal or not. It depends on the breed of dog that your puppy belongs to. Some breeds of dogs tend to enjoy scratching to relieve stress or boredom.

Make sure that the collar isn’t irritating your dog’s skin. If it is, consider changing it. Otherwise, divert his attention by offering him something else to play with like delicious treats.

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Reasons: Why Does My Puppy Keep Scratching His Collar

 There are several reasons why your puppy keeps scratching his collar. Let’s discuss.

1) Boredom

Puppies have an instinctive desire to play and interact with other animals. If your puppy is bored, he might start scratching his collar just to pass the time. He may feel like there isn’t anything else to do in the house.

2) Stress

Your puppy may start scratching his collar if he is feeling stressed out. It could be due to any number of things. Maybe he has been left alone all day while you were at work. Or maybe he was separated from you when you went on vacation. Whatever the case may be, stress can lead to him itching his neck and scratching his collar.

3) Separation Anxiety

Puppies who suffer from separation anxiety may become frustrated when they’re left alone. They may start scratching their necks and collars because they want to be close to you again.

4) Pain

Some puppies may start scratching their necks because they are in pain. A sore throat, ear infection, or dental problems can make your puppy itch.

5) Other Reasons

Other times, your puppy may start scratching his neck and collar because he wants attention. He may be trying to tell you something or ask for food.

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How To Prevent Puppy From Scratching Collar

There are several ways to prevent your puppy from scratching his neck and collars. 

Buy High-Quality Collar

The first thing you need to do is buy a high-quality and lightweight collar. There are many different types of inflatable collars available today. Some are made specifically for puppies, while others are designed for older dogs.

Choose Collar that Perfectly Fits

You should choose a perfect and comfy collar for dogs that fits properly. Make sure it doesn’t pinch your dog’s neck or rub against his skin. If it does, it could cause irritation and discomfort.

Take Care of Them

Another important thing to consider is to give attention to your pup’s needs. When you notice that your dog is starting to scratch his neck and collar, take action immediately. Give him lots of affection and attention. Let him know how much you care about him.

Can Collars Make Dogs Itch?

Definitely not. The only kind of collars that can irritate dogs’ skins is flat ones and those that don’t fit them correctly. Your puppy will never get itchy from wearing a collar.

Always remember to give your puppy plenty of love and attention. That way, he’ll stop annoying himself with his collar.

Can Collars Irritate Dogs Skin?

Yes, definitely! As mentioned above, some neck collars can irritate dogs’ skin. Flat collars are one of these collars. These types of collars can damage your pet’s neck, ears, and even eyes.


In the end, I hope this article helped you learn about why does my puppy keeps scratching his collar?

Remember, it’s never okay to leave your dog unattended. Always supervise him whenever he goes outdoors. And, if you notice that he’s starting to scratch his collar, it’s important to act quickly. Put down the leash and give him some love. This way, he won’t be tempted to continue scratching his collar. 


What is the best way to stop your puppy from scratching his collar?

You should try using a quality collar. Choose one that is comfortable and well-fitting. Also, providing him with lots of stimulation. Play with him, go for walks, and give him hugs.

How long does it take for a puppy to get used to the collar?

The puppy will take almost 4 weeks to get used to the collar. However, once he gets used to it, he’ll no longer scratch his collar.

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