How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth

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How many times can a German Shepherd give birth? This question has been asked by many dog owners over the years. The answer is simple: As long as they want to.

But in general, a German Shepherd can give birth up to two times per year. Most first-litter litters hatch in spring and fall. And since a GSP is highly fertile with multiple ova or ovulation, she may be able to reproduce several more times throughout her life. 

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How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth In One Year?

A German Shepard can get pregnant once every 12 months if she receives enough nutrition. However, her gestation period is usually about 63 days

Hence, she should receive at least 4 pounds of food daily to give birth safely. If she is not fed well, she might miscarry and lose her litter.

How Long Does It Take A German Shepherd To Have Puppies?

It takes almost 63 days for the bitch to deliver her first litter. After that, it will take another 18 days before she gets pregnant again and delivers more pups. 

So, you need to feed your German Shepherd fresh meat daily so that there’s no lack of protein during its pregnancy and delivery time.

How Many Puppies Does A German Shepherd Have The First Time?

German Shepherds typically have eight small puppies in their first litter. It all depends on how much nutrition is given to them. If you do not keep an eye on them properly, your GSP can give birth to 10 to 15 puppies.

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Do Pregnant German Shepherds Eat More Than Other Dogs?

Pregnant German Shepherds eat more because they are carrying heavy babies inside their bodies. They need the energy to support themselves and the extra weight.

When Should I Stop Feeding My Dog?

You should not stop feeding your German Shepherd after she gives birth because she starts giving milk only then. Once she finishes nursing her pups, you can start giving her a diet containing less fat and calories. That way, she won’t gain too much weight.

Is A Litter Of 2 Puppies Normal?

No, it is not normal because German Shepherds can easily give 1 to 15 pups. But, if there are two puppies it is because of different factors. These are:

1. Age difference

2. Genetics

3. Health condition

4. Diet

5. Environment

6. Breeding practice

How Long Do German Shepherd Reproduce?

German Shepherdes typically breed seven months after their first breeding season. But some breeds can become sexually mature in five months and produce litter earlier than others. Since German Shepherds are very fertile, they typically have a short reproduction cycle. So, they normally don’t need to be bred frequently.

Does A Female German Shepherd Need A Male Puppy For Fertility?

Yes, male assistance is needed in order for fertility to happen. Even though females are often used, males also can help increase fertility. 

When they mate with female dogs, sperm cells from the males’ mix with eggs. But it does not guarantee fertilization because there are other things involved as well.

How Can Age Affect A German Shepherd’s Pregnancy?

Age can play a role in how successful a German Shepherd is in conceiving. For example, older bitches tend to have fewer chances of getting pregnant than younger ones. This is due to hormonal changes.

As dogs’ age increases, their hormone level decreases over time. Therefore, they have lesser chances of conceiving compared to young bitches.

How To Prepare For Your German Shepherd Giving Birth?

The best thing you can do right now is to make sure your home environment is clean and cozy so that your GSP feels comfortable during labor.

Also, create a warm place where she can feel at ease while resting or delivering pups. You may want to provide a bed for her to sleep on.

Also, make sure that she has water nearby whenever she needs to drink. And, make sure your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you pet her belly. This will help prepare her for labor.

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What Happens After The Delivery?

After the delivery, take good care of your GSP until she recovers. Make sure the mother and newborn get a lot of rest. Also, try to feed them both healthy diets for several days. Keep an eye out for any infections. If there are no problems, wait for one week before allowing your GSP to interact with others again.


In the end, I hope my article about How many times can a german shepherd give birth? was informative enough for you. Now you know more about German Shepherds, and how to take care of them during this period. Thanks for reading!


Does a GSD have more sex drive than other dogs?

A lot of owners think that German Shepherds are extremely sexual animals but that isn’t true. It is common for them to be rather mild lovers but they still have plenty of it. However, since they have high libido levels, they usually enjoy sex almost all the time.

What should a GSD puppy eat if he/she is going to grow up to be big and strong?

There aren’t just certain foods that will help strengthen a dog’s muscles. You’ll have to see what he or she likes the most. Some people recommend giving them lots of beef jerky while others say that it must consist of fish-based food such as salmon. Most dogs that love eating meat prefer chicken, although some even don’t mind lamb.

How much does a German Shepherd cost?

Pricing varies according to different factors such as the size of the dog, breeders, etc. The average price per German Shepard ranges from $1000 – $15000 for a puppy.

Do German Shepherds need extra maintenance?

These dogs require extra maintenance in terms of grooming due to their large size. Regular brushing is recommended especially if these dogs live inside. They might shed too but not excessively.

Are German Shepherds easy to train?

These dogs are known worldwide for being excellent companions and family pets. That said, training them takes a little bit of effort but it’s not very difficult.

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