how long after drinking water do puppies pee

How Long After Drinking Water Do Puppies Pee? Detailed Guide 2022

If you’re a pet owner, you know that puppies love to drink water. But as a pet owner, the question that comes to your mind is that how long after drinking water do puppies pee? And is there anything you can do to help them go sooner?

So, the straight answer is that it may take anywhere between ten to thirty minutes to pee after drinking water. Keep in mind that their bladder needs time to fill up, and a puppy can drink a lot of liquid in one sitting.

Here we come up with the best possible ways to help your puppy go sooner after drinking water along with the guide about how soon after drinking water do puppies pee?

Why Dog Peeing After Drinking Water?

It’s normal for puppies to go potty immediately after they drink water. This is because, when you let your puppy drink a lot of water at once, it fills their bladder pretty quickly.

So the most common advice that most people suggest is that you should offer small amounts of water several times rather than letting your puppy gulp down a lot of water at once. That way, your puppy’s bladder can keep up with the water intake and they will be able to hold their pee for longer than usual.

How Long After Drinking Water Do Puppies Pee?

As per experts, if your dog is healthy and normal then it will take about ten to thirty minutes for them to pee after drinking a lot of water. The time taken may vary from puppy to puppy depending on several factors including age, diet, activity level, etc.

So, here you get the detailed information about how long puppy peeing after drinking water according to age difference:


Puppies can hold their bladder for about ten to fifteen minutes. But since puppies are so young, they can’t control their bladders as well as adult dogs. So the best age at which your puppy should be able to pee after drinking water is three months or so.

Adult Dogs

An adult dog can hold its bladder for up to thirty minutes. And you can expect them to go pee after drinking water in near about fifteen minutes.

So, if you have an adult dog at home then don’t be so stressed about the time your dog is taking to pee after getting a drink because it’s normal for them to take that much longer.

But keep in mind that every dog is different. It’s not necessary that your dog is going to follow this general guideline for how long after drinking water does puppies pee.

Tips & Tricks To Help Your Puppy Pee After Drinking Water

If you find that it is taking longer than usual for your puppy to go potty, then there are several tricks you can try to help them let go of their bladder.

1. Take Your Puppy at Grassy Area

If you have an area in your backyard that is grassy, then take your dog there. Most puppies can’t wait to potty when they are free to roam around freely outside the house. And if they are so excited to go out for a walk, then their bladder must be pretty full too.

2. Play Your Puppy’s Favorite Games

Does your dog have a favorite game that they love to play? If yes, then take them out to play as soon as they finish drinking water. Also, make sure you keep playing with them for about fifteen minutes or so.

This is one of the easiest ways to help your puppy pee after drinking water because dogs don’t like to make their owners wait for them when they are excited about something.

3. Take Your Puppy for a Walk

Puppies at times can be restless after drinking water. So try taking your dog out for a short walk, that might help them go potty sooner than usual.

4. Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t have a Full Bladder

Make sure your dog doesn’t have a full bladder, don’t let them drink a lot of water just before going to bed. This way you can help them go potty in the morning when they wake up and not at night when they are sound asleep.

5. Feed Your Dog Just Before Bedtime

If your puppy is already potty trained, then make sure you feed them hours before bedtime or when they are about to go to sleep. It might help them go to the bathroom spot in the morning before you wake up.

6. Be Patient With Your Puppy

It’s not necessary that your dog will be able to hold their bladder for the time you want them to.  

So if your dog is taking a long time after drinking water, don’t stress yourself too much over it. Just be patient with them while they stretch their legs and try to go potty.

If after trying all these tricks, your puppy still can’t hold their bladder for more than a couple of minutes then it’s time that you go to the vet and check with them.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks which might help your puppy pee after drinking water within fifteen minutes or so.

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Should you Limit a Puppy’s Water Intake?

The answer to this question is that you should not limit a puppy’s amounts of water intake. You can feed them as much freshwater they want because that is the best way to keep your puppy hydrated and happy.

But sometimes puppies are really naughty when it comes to drinking water. They tend to drink more water than their body needs, which will end up making them sick because their bladder won’t be able to hold all the water.

In this case, you can keep a close watch on your puppy while they drink clean water and then limit their intake at one time. If that’s not working then try holding their mouth shut while they drink water.

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How Much Water Should You Give Your Puppy?

In the case of puppies, you should be giving them around four to six full cups of water a day. Moreover, if your pup is a smaller breed then make sure they don’t drink more than two to three cups a day.

Usually, it’s not possible for a puppy to drink enough water from their water bowl because they tend to play with their water and end up spilling it.

Also, make sure that your puppy’s bowl of water is cleaned every day and don’t leave their water for longer than two hours.

When Do Puppies Need to Go Out to Pee?

Puppies usually need to go out to pee after about fifteen minutes of drinking water. But if you want them to go potty at a specific time, then you can limit their intake of water just before that time.

So, if your puppy needs to go potty in the morning then don’t let them drink more than three or four cups of water before six o’clock in the morning.

And if you want your pup to go potty around noon time then try not giving them more than two or three cups of water before twelve o’clock.

Moreover, if you want your puppy to hold their bladder till after bedtime, then limit their intake of water only to the times when they are about to take a nap.

No matter what, you should not limit your puppy’s intake of clean water because that might result in dehydration, which is very hazardous for their health and cause many health issues.

Instead of limiting water, you can try increasing their physical activities so that they don’t have to pee as much as before. This way you can help them go potty more often and not just wait for them to go every fifteen minutes.

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So, these were some of the ways which you can use to help your puppy go potty after drinking water. You can follow them and then decide whether or not they are helping your pup.

And if your puppies are still having trouble holding their bladder for more than fifteen minutes, then it’s time that you take them to a veterinarian. In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of how long after drinking water do puppies pee? along with some tips.

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