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How many hairs are on a dog? Dogs have approximately 15,000 hairs per square inch of skin. The number of hairs found on the average dog ranges from 12,000 to 16,000 per square inch of skin.

If you look closely at any part of a dog’s coat, you’ll see that it’s made up of several different types of hair: guard hairs, undercoats, down fibers, and soft wool.

The most common places where hair falls out are under your dog’s belly, along its back, around its tail area, and along the edges of its legs.

To find out how many hairs exactly there are on a dog, read the article given below.

How Many Hairs Are On A Dog – How To Find

  1. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure an area from base to tip
  2. Count hairs in that square inch.
  3. Add all counts together and divide by 11 (because one inch is 2.54 cm).
  4. Divide the result by 3 because you can’t count hairs individually if they’re mixed with fur.

What Is the Average Dog’s Coat Of Hair?

There are two main types of coat found on a dog’s body: guard hairs and soft fur.

Guard hairs protect a dog’s vulnerable parts, such as its ears, eyes, nose, mouth, throat, sides, stomach, back, and paws. These hairs usually have a hard outer covering called a sheath.

Soft fur covers the rest of a dog’s body, which doesn’t require protection. This fur usually comes in two forms — short and long. A short coat is usually less than 8″ long while a long coat is at least 20″.

How Much Hair Does A Large Dog Have?

There are about 15000 hairs per square centimetre on a large dog. That means there are about 750000 hair strands per square foot of dog. Since dogs have larger heads than us people, their coats usually cover more area.

Do You Know What Type Of Hair Your Dog Has?

Many owners are curious about what type of hair their pet has. Most pets have four basic kinds of hair — guard hairs, undercoat, down feathers, and softer wool.

Guard’s Hairs

It forms a thick layer of strong but coarse hair beneath the animal’s normal coat. They serve as armour against cold weather and predators.


It is finer, weaker, less dense, and longer-lasting than guard hairs. It protects a dog’s sensitive areas, like the face, paws, and neck.

Down Feathers 

It grows out of a dog’s skin. Down helps keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, the word “down” refers both to the fine, light material that keeps a dog warm.


It is a thin, flexible, insulating fiber similar to human hair. While wool is very useful for warmth, it sheds easily when exposed to dry air.

Does A Dog Usually Have Fur Or Hair?

Some breeds of dogs are born hairy, while others don’t start developing a full range of hairs until later in life. There are almost 36 breeds of dogs listed that have hairs, not fur. One of them is the Portuguese Water Dog.

Why Do Dogs Shed Their Hair?

Most dogs shed for about six months of the year. The most popular shedding seasons are spring and fall.

In the spring, the reason for dogs’ shedding may be seasonal allergies. During allergy season, a dog might itch constantly, causing him/her to scratch himself/herself raw.

During fall, this itching might occur after a dog gets wet. If he’s been outside playing, he’ll probably get waterlogged. When he takes off his muddy clothes, the loose dirt will stick to his hair. As soon as the dog scratches himself, his hairs shed off.

If your dog is prone to allergies and sheds excessively during these times, consult your veterinarian about a course of action.

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How Much Hair Do Dogs Shed?

Dogs shed anywhere from 5% to 30% of their total body hair every single day. Depending upon the breed of the dog, different amounts of hair are lost. For example, some breeds shed more hair than others.

On average, most dogs lose between 10-20% of their hair daily. Any more than that can increase their chances of infection.

Can Dogs Grow New Hair?

Yes, they can grow new hair. However, you should never shave or pluck your pet’s existing hairs because it could cause injury to his or her skin.

How Many Hairs Are On A Dog When He Is Young?

A puppy has around 15,000 hairs per square inch of skin. By adulthood, however, that number decreases by half, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). This makes puppies look like furry babies with long babyish tails.


In the end, I hope now you know the average amount of hairs dogs have and how to count them. However, there’s no absolute answer for how many hairs are on a dog? Each dog is unique, so there are always going to be differences among individuals.

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What kind of hair counts as the hair on a dog?

Any kind of hair counts as one hair on a dog. Most people think only fur is counted as the hair on a dog but any type of hair can contribute to the total number of hairs on a dog.

How does a dog know if its hair is falling off?

The simplest way to tell if your dog’s hair is falling off is by noticing the change in length of your dog’s coat. If you notice the coat getting shorter over time, then you need to take your dog to the vet for help.

Why do dogs shed all the time?

Your dog may shed for various reasons: Stress, anxiety, fleas, dry skin, seasonal allergies, etc. These issues usually require veterinary attention.

Can my dog’s hair grow back once it falls out?

There are some breeds who can’t grow back their hair. Others can, depending on their age and health. Puppies generally have more hair growth potential than older dogs.

Does grooming affect a dog’s hair loss?

Grooming can help remove dead hair; therefore, it can improve a dog’s appearance. However, excessive brushing can actually trigger baldness in some instances.

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