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Want to know How Closely Related Are Dogs And Bears are? Bears and dogs are both carnivores, meaning they eat meat. They also share some similarities in their anatomy.

Both animals have four limbs, two eyes, fur, and a nose. The closest living relatives of dogs and bears are raccoons and coatis.

The main thing these animals have in common is their teeth. Their teeth are both used for chewing food and for eating fruits and berries.

Here, in this article, you will know how closely related are dogs and bears. So, keep reading!

What Are The Similarities Between Dogs And Bears?

There are many things that make both dogs and bears similar.

1. Mammals

Both animals are mammals—which means they’re warm-blooded creatures with hair, nails, and bones. 

2. Domesticated

Dogs have first domesticated 12,000 years ago. But, the bear has been around since 17 million BC. This makes them more “domesticated” than most pets today.

3. Carnivore

These animals both need high amounts of protein, which helps them grow. Also, when they want to hunt, they must be able to see well so they can find their prey.

4. Anatomy

Both dogs and bears have four legs, two ears, fur, and a tail. But, the only parts of an animal’s body that are shared by dogs and bears are its teeth, paws, and snouts.

5. Behavior

There are many similarities between dogs and bears because they both live in packs. Their behavior patterns are also similar.

Do Dogs And Bears Live Together?

Dogs and bears can live together if there’s a good relationship between them. There should always be a leader who takes care of them.

But if there is a bad relationship between both animals, then they should probably stay away from one another.

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Which Is Better: Dogs Or Bears?

Bears are much smarter and stronger than dogs. They are also faster runners and jump higher. However, a dog is considered to be a man’s best friend, while a bear is sometimes called a big brother.

How Often Does Dog-Bear Interaction Happen?

Dog-bear interactions take place during the winter months. When temperatures drop below freezing, many bears start hibernating. At the same time, the dogs go outside and look for food.

When both animals meet at this time of year, they usually do not fight. In fact, they get along just fine. Sometimes, however, they might nip at each other playfully. That’s harmless. Just don’t let your dog chase a bear!

Which Animal Is Closer To Dogs, Bears, Or Cats?

Bears are more closely related to dogs than cats are. While wolves are the closest living relative to dogs, the cat’s ancestor actually looks like a modern lion.

This means dogs were bred from wolves less than 10,000 years ago. Cats, on the other hand, became domestic approximately 30,000 years ago.

What Are The Closest Relatives Of Dogs?

Grey Wolf is the closest descendant to the ancestors of the dog. Both grey wolves and dogs share 98% of their genetic code.

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What Are The Differences Between Dogs And Bears?

There are many differences between dogs and bears. These are:

1. Size

The average weight of a male bear is 250 pounds. The average weight of a female bear is 225 pounds. Meanwhile, the average weight of a male dog is 50 kilograms (110 pounds). It weighs 45 to 70 kilos (100 to 155 pounds) for females.

2. Diet

A bear eats meat and plants such as berries, nuts, roots, and bark. A dog usually subsists solely off of meat until he reaches adulthood. After that, his diet changed to include vegetables and fruits.

3. Life Span

A bear has a life span of 20 to 25 years. This is longer than the maximum life expectancy for most breeds of dogs.

4. Habitat

Bears prefer to roam around forests. Their habitats range far beyond land. On the contrary, dogs need human companionship to survive. Therefore, they choose to live in houses with fences and yards. 

5. Senses

Both dogs and bears use various senses to detect predators. For example, most dogs can hear sounds but cannot smell. On the other hand, Bears detect smells by using their sense of smell.

Like I said before, these two animals are quite similar. Because both dogs and bears come from the order Carnivora, they share many things in common. Although they are very close relatives, you shouldn’t expect them to behave alike.

Moreover, both of them will try to protect you too, so there’s that.


After reading this, I hope it helped you understand how closely related are dogs and bears? In the end,  Hopefully, all the details above answered some important questions you’ve had!

Thanks for reading!


Do dogs bite bears?

Yes, dogs sometimes bite bears. You should never allow your dog to run free around bears because it could potentially harm them. Never approach an active bear if you see one because it could be dangerous. 

What kinds of dangers does a dog pose when it encounters a bear?

Dogs might accidentally jump into open areas where bears may be and cause damage to themselves. If a bear attacks, then a dog should stay safe by running away.

Are bear and dog friends?

No, not really. Bear and dog relationships generally consist of distrust and mutual protection.

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