Why Does My Dog Grunt When I Hug Him

Why Does My Dog Grunt When I Hug Him | Best Guide In 2022

Do you know why does my dog grunt when I hug him? A dog grunts when you hug him because it is a form of play for dogs that can be very painful if done too long or if your hands are cold. This does not mean that you need to stop hugging your pet dog. 

A simple rule of thumb is that the amount of time between each hug should be around 5 seconds. The best way to prevent a dog from grunting when you hug them is to make sure that your hands are warm. 

Whenever possible, take your hands out of your pockets or put on a jacket before giving any sort of embrace to your beloved dog.

Hugs, like kisses, are natural forms of affection and one of the best ways to bond with your dog. If you want to know why does my dog grunt when I hug him, keep reading!

Why Does My Dog Grunt When I Hug Him? Is He Happy Or Sad? 

Some dogs even grunt when they are excited. They may grunt when eating, sleeping, or having fun.

The most important thing to remember here is that grunting is not necessarily a bad sign. However, it is important to note that not all aggressive behaviors are accompanied by grunts.

What Is The Best Way To Know How Much Time Should Be Between Hugs?

As mentioned above, the best way to know how much time should be between hugs is by observing your own behavior. If you have been able to hug your dog without causing pain to either of you then you can probably go longer intervals between huggings.

Other Ways To Show Your Love To Dogs

Don’t force your dog to hug you every time. There are many other ways of showing affection to your pets such as playing games like tug-o-war, fetching, walking, jumping, and chasing.

These will keep your dog busy without making him grunt. You could also spend quality time together watching TV or just talking about something special.

Reasons Why A Dog Grunt When Affectionately Hugged 

However, there are many reasons why a dog might grunt when they receive an affectionate hug from their owner. Here are 5 possible causes:

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1) Puppy Teething Problems

If your pet is teething, they may grunt out of discomfort when you touch them. In fact, puppies often grunt during their first 2 years of life due to physical problems.

To help ease puppy pain, rub your hand over their lower gum line until the tooth emerges. Then gently pull it out. You can do this every other week or after a couple of days of whining.

2) Anxiety Issues

Anxious dogs sometimes grunt when they feel threatened. An example would be when you try to pick up your dog for a walk but they start barking or whining.

3) Separation Anxiety

A dog that feels separated from his family may grunt just to let people know they’re safe. For instance, if you leave your dog alone for too long, he will probably moan until you return.

4) Unwanted Attention

A dog whose owners ignore them may become desperate. The animal will probably grunt to express its distress.

This situation is common among older pets and those who live alone. They need to feel loved and cared for.

5) Aggression

Aggressive dogs grunt to warn off potential opponents. It’s more than likely that an aggressive dog will grunt at other dogs.

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How To Stop A Dog From Grunting?

Dogs grunt when they feel uncomfortable. They don’t always grunt though. Some dogs are happier than others. So if your dog seems sad and unhappy, try to find out what’s wrong. Then you’ll be able to fix it. 

If your dog is happy, he probably isn’t going to grunt at all. If however, your dog has shown signs of sadness and is whining or crying frequently then it would definitely be good to try and figure out


Hope so now your confusion regarding the topic of why does my dog grunt when I hug him is sorted out. It is impossible to say whether your dog is happy or sad when he grunts. It all depends on his mood. 

In general, most dogs grunt for happiness but sometimes dogs grunt due to stress. However, there is no universal formula that can prove why dogs grunt.


Why does my dog grunt when I cuddle?

If your dog always grunts whenever he is being hugged, he might be happy. However, if your dog only grunts after certain people or when someone gives them an unwanted hug, this means that he might be sad or angry. 

What does a dog feel when you kiss them?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to lick you when they are kissed, which is a sign they’re affectionate towards you. It is also possible for them to run around and wag their tail when they are excited.

What does it mean when a dog grunts at you?

Grunts are usually signs of a happy dog, but not always. When your dog grunts excessively it may indicate that your dog is not feeling well. 

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