Why Does A Dog Growl When Picked Up

Why Does A Dog Growl When Picked Up – Reasons And Its Solution

Why does a dog growl when picked up? Your dog growls when picked up because he is expressing his disapproval of you picking up, possibly because he feels it is an imposition and doesn’t want to comply with your request.

Asking your dog to stay put or stand for a moment may help defuse this situation. He may growl because he is feeling anxious and perhaps fearful that something bad will happen to him.

Moreover, when you do something in which your dog has no interest he will oppose this by growling. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, then keep reading.

Are There Natural Reasons For My Dog To Growl When Picked-Up?

There could be natural reasons for your dog to growl when picked up. Here are a few:

1) Some dogs are afraid of new places and people, especially during their first days. In order to avoid getting scared, they might growl when they feel frightened.

2) Dogs whose owners treat them harshly often become aggressive towards people. These dogs need firm love and care; otherwise, they are likely to bite anyone who tries to touch them. As a result, these animals tend to growl whenever touched.

3) Dogs who live in very harsh environments may display similar behaviors. Those living in hot climates often growl whenever they see water or a container of ice since they associate such elements with the coldness of death. 

Why is My Dog Growling When I Touch Him?

You’ve probably already noticed that your dog growls when you touch him. The reason might be as follows:

1) Many dogs dislike being touched due to previous experiences they had. They may remember someone touching them violently and may start reacting accordingly.

2) It may be possible that your dog dislikes certain types of handling.

3) Sometimes, a dog growls because he has a fear of biting humans. When this occurs, then it is recommended to train him how to react properly.

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What Could Be Causing My Dog To Growl At Me?

In most cases, there are several reasons why your dog might be growling at you. Let’s examine these issues one by one:

1) Your dog may be growly because he feels like he is going to get hurt if you pick him up or handle him. So he is warning you, informing you that something isn’t right and it would be best to back off.

2) Your dog may be angry with you for picking him up and treating him unkindly. Consequently, he may want to warn you that if you continue behaving thusly, he won’t let you continue.

3) Sometimes puppies growl at adults just because they haven’t yet learned how to use words. They are looked upon by everyone as a threat, so they lash out. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Growling When Picked Up?

To stop your dog from growling when picked up, here are some tips:

1) Make sure that you don’t pick up your pup every single day. It is necessary to give your dog enough rest. 

2) Reward your dog for good behavior. Dogs who get lots of rewards usually don’t behave badly. You can reward your dog through food treats, toys, and other items.

3) Always ask your dog what he wants before doing anything. This way, you’ll make sure that you both understand each other’s needs.

4) Never force any kind of obedience training on your pet. If you have been asked to stop doing certain things (such as jumping over a fence, barking, etc.) you should always obey. 

Should I Punish My Dog For Growling At Me?

No, never punish your dog for growling! Doing so will only worsen the situation. Instead, it’s better to work on training him how to control himself instead of punishing him for acting inappropriately.

Treat your dog as you’d like to be treated. Show empathy and understanding. It will go a long way towards helping your dog trust you.

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Why Does A Dog Growl When Picked Up? Is He Angry?

A dog may growl when being picked up because he feels threatened, or he could even be feeling sad. He might be angry because he doesn’t feel safe, happy, or contented.

In either case, he’s trying to tell you something that you need to know. Don’t take his actions personally. Just pay attention to what he tells you, and try to learn more in order to avoid problems.


I hope this guide helped you by giving complete information about why does a dog grow when picked up? There, you’ll find all the answers you seek. I hope everything worked out well for you. Thank you so much for reading.


How often should I pick up my dog?

It depends on your dog, but generally speaking, it’s advisable to pick up your dog once every 2 hours or so.

What if I am walking my dog in the park and someone picks up my dog?

If someone picks up your dog without permission, it may lead to hostility between them. In most cases, people that do this are unaware that they’re causing conflict.

Will I lose respect if my dog growls at me?

If your dog growls at you when you say hello, it means that he dislikes you and does not consider you to be a friend. However, remember that dogs cannot speak, and therefore, they can only express themselves through their behavior.

Can a puppy growl?

Yes, even puppies can growl. Remember, it’s normal for young pups to show signs of aggression toward others. Try playing with him, feeding him well, and praising him whenever he does the right things.

Is it possible to train a puppy to not growl?

There are different ways to teach a puppy not to growl. The easiest techniques include play-fighting and using positive reinforcement.

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