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Can a dog swallow a golf ball? Yes, dogs can swallow a golfball. In fact, some dogs have swallowed tennis balls, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and even bowling balls.

If a dog swallows a golf ball, its digestive system is likely too weak for the task. The ball will pass through the esophagus and into the stomach, where it causes obstruction.

This can cause pain and death if left untreated. In this case, surgery is required to remove the golfball from the stomach. The procedure may be performed by your veterinarian.

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What Happens When A Dog Swallows A Ball?

The ball will irritate the esophagus, causing an irritation that creates gastric ulceration. If the process isn’t stopped, the dog will vomit or develop diarrhea. 

As a result of the vomiting and excessive diarrhea, dehydration occurs. This leads to weakness and eventually, shock.

If the ball is large enough, it will push against the stomach wall and block the passage of food down into the rest of the gastrointestinal tract.

How Long Can An Object Stay In A Dog’s Stomach?

If an object stays undigested for a long period of time, damage to the inside lining of the stomach can occur, resulting in perforation and bleeding. 

Eventually, serious problems with digestion and liver function develop, causing organ failure. In some cases, it takes between 10-24 hours for the object to leave the intestine. But some objects even take months to pass out of the gut.

 What Steps Should I Take If My Dog Swallows A Ball?

If your dog has ingested a golf ball contact your vet immediately. In general, if a person sees or hears that their pet has had something inside them they shouldn’t have.

Vets are trained to handle these situations. They know how to check a patient properly without alarming him/her. You must contact a veterinary clinic immediately if your animal begins having any signs of illness following ingestion of a foreign body.

Why Does My Dog Need Surgery To Remove The Ball From His/Her Stomach?

A golfball is much larger than most things our pets should ingest. It could easily cause severe damage to the intestines and possibly lead to perforation of the intestinal lining. That’s why vets recommend surgery to surgically remove the ball.

Will A Dog Die If An Object Gets Stuck In The Stomach?

Yes, dogs can die if they don’t get medical attention quickly after swallowing a golf ball. It might end up blocking the entire stomach tube. 

Without being cleared, the stomach can rupture which can cause internal bleeding that results in a loss of blood pressure.

Such blockage can also cause peritonitis, shock, coma, and cardiac arrest. You must act promptly after finding a golf ball in your dog’s stomach so he doesn’t suffer unnecessary harm.

How Long After Swallowing A Ball Must A Dog Seek Medical Attention?

You would want your pet to go to the emergency room within 24 hours in order to receive the best possible treatment.

If your dog presents at a veterinary hospital more than two days after swallowing a ball then his prognosis for recovery is poor. 

He may be suffering from a ruptured stomach; heart arrhythmias; kidney or bladder dysfunction; or brain damage.

Is There Any Risk Of A Dog Recovering From A Swallowed Golf Ball?

There is always a risk when your dog swallows anything. With a golf ball, there is a good chance you won’t see him ever again. However, many cases turn out well without complications. The key is for you to seek immediate help for your dog.

Can A Dog Swallow A Golf Ball When He Is Young?

It depends on several factors, such as size, location, and density of the ball. Some balls cannot travel through some animals’ systems until a certain age.

For example, a young puppy’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, and therefore, young puppies will need assistance getting the ball from their mouth all the way to the bottom of their GI tract.

Does Your Dog Have Any Symptoms After Swallowing A Golf Ball?

Vomiting happens as a result of motion sickness. This means they’ll feel lightheaded and dizzy. Other symptoms include diarrhea and constipation.

Other symptoms may vary depending on your dog. He could experience difficulty breathing, convulse, develop pneumonia or have trouble walking because it was painful for them to move around.

Also, your dog could exhibit signs such as excessive salivation, lack of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, drooling, coughing, sneezing, fever, increased urination or defecation, abdominal pain, rectal prolapse, and seizures.

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In the end, I hope you got the answer to your question can a dog swallow a golf ball? Keep in mind that every situation is different and different animals react differently to ingested objects.

So, it is better to take your pet to a professional sooner rather than later. This way, he/she will be under close supervision and receive proper care.


What do I do If my dog has swallowed a ball?

First, check whether the golf ball is still inside your dog’s body. If yes, then take him to the vet immediately.

How long should I wait before taking my dog to the vet?

As soon as possible! Delay in action can lead your dog’s condition to deteriorate.

Why does my dog act sick after swallowing a golf ball?

A golf ball can cause vomiting, diarrhea, blood poisoning, liver failure, infections, and even death.

Can a dog eat a golf ball?

Yes! It depends on the shape and size of the object.

Does a dog get hurt if he swallows a ball?

Yes. Balls are hard and can break teeth, jaws, and intestines upon entering the animal’s digestive tract. Depending on its size, the ball might enter into the lungs, bloodstream, or urinary tract.

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