What is the Difference Between a Shock Collar and an E-Collar

What is the Difference Between a Shock Collar and an E-Collar? Best Comprehensive Guide 2022

Shock collars and E-collars are two different types of training tools that you can use to train a dog. Unfortunately, most dog professional trainers and owners are confused about What is the difference between a shock collar and an E-collar?

The shock collar is a device that sends an electric current passing through the surface of your dog’s neck when activated by remote control. On the other hand, the E-collar also called an electric or electronic collar, emits a high-pitched sound that annoys your pet into suggestion.

Keeping in mind all of your confusion here we have come up with a comprehensive guide that will help you to understand the difference between a shock collar and an E-collar. Also, you get to know about their benefits and disadvantages as well as how to use both of these collars to train a dog.

What is the Difference Between a Shock Collar and an E-Collar?

Here you get the details to guide about an E collar vs shock collars.

Shock Collar:

A static shock collar is also known as an e-collar. It uses electric signals to train a dog. The only difference between the two terms is that shock collar is the older term and e-collar is a newer version.

Moreover, a shock collar is also called an e-collar because it uses an electric signal to communicate with the dog. In this type of training, an electronic device that a remote control can activate sends electrical stimulation through the leash and into the dog’s neck when you press the trigger button.

The primary purpose behind using a shock collar is to gain control over the dog. It uses an electric shock to get the desired response from a dog.


E-collar is also called a remote training collar. It uses the same principle of training that shock collars use, but it comes with extra features, including vibration and beep, etc., to train your dog effectively.

Along with this, e-collars are designed for people who want more options than just shocking their dogs, so they have vibrations and beep tones, too.

The E-Collars are rechargeable, and they come with a long-lasting battery. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the intensity of stimulation depending on your dog’s temperament.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Shock Collar:

Advantages of Shock Collar:

  • The benefits of the shock collar are that it is very effective in training your dog.
  • It can be used for any size or breed of dog because there are no restrictions on the adjustable settings.
  • it has a good battery life
  • Also, shock collars have other features like remote training and beep.

Drawbacks of Shock Collar:

  • It has a high chance that your dog will get used to it very quickly if you do not use the shock collar correctly.
  • Also, there is no physical harm to the dog, so they can never understand what made them feel pain or fear.
  • It has a low battery life as compared to other e-collars and electronic devices.

Benefits and Drawbacks of E-Collar:

Benefits of E-Collar:

  • The benefits of using an e-collar are that it is very effective for training your dog.
  • It can be used on any size or breed of dogs with adjustable stimulation levels. 
  • it has a long battery life
  • Also, it provides a warning tone before the stimulation is given.
  • Another great benefit of using an E-Collar is that an e-collar does not produce any shock sensation.

Drawbacks of E-Collar:

  • It may be too much for smaller dogs because they can’t handle the stimulation levels as compared to more giant breeds.
  • Also, some dogs are so stubborn that it is very difficult or nearly impossible to train them with an electronic device.
  • In the end, an e-collar emits a beep before it gives any stimulation, so it’s safe to use around other animals.

How to Use Shock Collar to Train a Dog?

  1. First, you need to understand your dog.
  2. After understanding how obedient and trainable, your pet is, choose a suitable shock collar for dogs.
  3. When training a puppy, first use positive reinforcements like food and toys before using any electronic device.
  4. Also, do not punish your dog without proper warning or instruction because it won’t help in training but only make things worse.
  5. Do not use a shock collar around other animals or people.
  6. After that, never activate the stimulation unless your dog is completely distracted and unable to listen to your verbal commands.
  7. In the end, always give the proper instruction about how much time they should wear it to avoid injuries to their skin.

How to Use E-Collar to Train a Dog?

  1. First, get complete information about what an e-collar does and cannot do before using one on your pet.
  2. Make sure that all settings are set according to your dog’s weight and breed type; otherwise, it will be dangerous for him because every animal has a different level of sensitivity towards electronic devices and vibrations from a shock collar device.
  3. Electronic training collars emit a beep before giving any electronic stimulation so that you can keep your dog safe around other animals.
  4. Also, the intensity of e-collars needs to adjust according to weather conditions and terrain because it is not suitable for hunting in snowy areas or on mountains.
  5. After adjusting everything properly, fit your dog with the collar and make sure no loose ends are hanging out. If it will be hanging out so it may harm them by accident; otherwise, remove them immediately.
  6. Give proper instruction about how much time they should wear this E-Collar training collar until their outdoor activity starts, then take it off after coming home from outside.
  7. In conclusion, always reward good behavior rather than punishing bad ones. The positive reinforcement will help make them understand what you want from them instead of negative reinforcement.

Why do Many Peoples Prefer to Use E-Collars?

Some people prefer using modern e-collars to train their dogs because it is effective and less time-consuming.

Also, e-collar use for training purposes does not cause any physical harm, so the animal will never fear or be afraid when wearing one on them.

An advantage of an electronic device is that it may be used on any dog regardless of its breed, size, or weight.

Furthermore, an electronic device like this emits a warning tone before giving the actual stimulation, so you don’t have to worry about causing any physical harm to your pet. There is no chance of hurting other animals because e-collars are 100% safe.


Always keep in mind that an electronic device like a shock collar or e-collar is not suitable for all dogs as some breeds are more sensitive than others.

So, if you are thinking about what is the difference between a shock collar and an E-collar? Then we can say that both of them are used for training purposes, but their way is different.


What is the Purpose of Each Device? Shock Collar and E-Collar

Both devices are used for training purposes, but there is a difference between them.
Shock collars give electric shocks to punish your dog. In contrast, e-collars use vibration and beep warning systems before providing any kind of stimulation to avoid causing physical harm to your pet.

Is E-Collar Safe for Dogs, Especially Small Ones?

Yes, e-collars are 100% safe for all types of dogs because they use beep warnings before giving any kind of stimulation.

Is There Any Age Limitation for Using An E-Collar on Dogs?

There are no limitations about the age factor to using an electronic training device like this because it is 100% safe and effective regardless of breed type or weight.

What Happens After Wearing a Shock Collar?

After wearing this training collar, the dog will learn what you want from them in a short period of time because it gives a warning tone before providing any kind of electric shock.