How to Grind Dry Dog Food

How to Grind Dry Dog Food (Step by Step Guide) – PetDogsLife

When it comes to dry foods it is very beneficial as they will improve the digestion process of the dog. 

Another great benefit of using dry foods for your dog is that you don’t need to worry about refrigeration. On the other hand, dry fruits are hard, so many dog owners are concerned about how to grind dry dog food that will easily digest your dog.

Many dogs are losing their teeth at a specific age spectrum which may cause it difficult for dogs to digest dry foods.

Therefore, it is imperative to blend dry dog foods that will be easy to digest. You can easily grind up dry dog food in a blender or by using any blending kitchen appliances. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at different methods to grind up dog kibble.

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Which Appliances Use to Grind Up Dry Dog Food?

Another question that comes to your mind is which appliances blend up dry dog foods because dry foods are hard. You don’t need to buy any new blender because you can also do it by using one or two home-used appliances.

Keeping in mind all of your needs, we recommend you use the coffee grinder because it is a great kitchen item that you can use to grind dog kibble. Another excellent kitchen appliance is a food processor that you can use to blend both dry and wet dog foods.

How to Grind Dry Dog Food – Some Steps

Here you get the step-by-step guide to grinding up the dog kibble without any hesitation by using home appliances. Once you follow all the steps mentioned below, you can easily convert harder foods into softer ones that improve dog digestion processes.

Before grinding dry dog food, you need some elements mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you need dry fruits that is perfect for your dog.
  2. Secondly, you need a cup that you can use to measure the dog’s dry food.
  3. Thirdly, you need a coffee grinder or food processor that you can use to blend the dog’s dry food.

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Step 1

First of all, you need to clean the coffee grinder and food processor before using it to grind dry dog foods. You need to thoroughly wash these appliances to remove other food and traces that may alter the taste of the dry dog foods. You can use kitchen soap and detergent to remove the food traces as well as odour.

Step 2

Now it’s time to attach the coffee and processor bowl to the machine and, after that, connect the clean blade. Make sure that the blade is perfectly and tightly attached to the grinder and food processor. You can also check out the grinder by attaching the lid before adding the dry dog foods to check out whether the blade is perfectly working or not. 

Step 3

Once you completely clean the coffee grinder or food processor and attach the blade, you can add the dry dog foods inside it. Add the dog kibble inside the coffee grinder or food processor and attach the lid. Now you need to pulse the “grind” button for several seconds simultaneously for both machines.

It is the best way if you are thinking about how to make dog food smaller pieces because when you consistently pulse the button, the kibble changes into powder. The blade of the grinder and processor will cut off all the hard dry dog foods and once you get the desired consistency, then you can stop the machine.

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Advantages of Grind Up Dog Kibble

When some dogs lose their baby teeth, it is difficult for them to eat dry foods which may cause digestion problems. Dry foods are hard, so the dogs that reach the specific age spectrum and lose their teeth won’t eat the dog kibbles. Therefore, there are lots of benefits to grinding up the dry dog foods mentioned below.

  • When you convert the dry dog foods into smaller pieces or grind them so your dog will easily digest and eat them.
  • By grinding up the dog’s dry foods, you can make them softer, and your dog will not be getting bored when they eat them.
  • You can also add some wet foods and dry foods, improving the dog’s immunity system.
  • Once you grind up the dry dog foods and add some water inside, it is delicious for your dog, and your dog will eat it with full of happiness.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Dog Food

When we talk about dry dog foods, these types of dog foods have some benefits and drawbacks. Here you get the guide about what are the advantages and shortcomings of dry dog foods.

Advantages of Dry Dog Food

  • Dry kibbles and dog foods reduce the plaque and tartar buildup
  • It will make the dog’s teeth healthy
  • You don’t need to refrigerate the dry dog foods
  • Dry dog foods provide the necessary chew and crunch
  • It will relieve the dog stress
  • Easier to pack and carry anywhere
  • Dry kibble is more economical to feed
  • It is perfect for a dog’s oral health

Disadvantages of Dry Dog Food

  • Dry dog foods have low moisture inside
  • Have some bacteria risks
  • It is highly processed ingredients
  • Comes with high-starch carbohydrate materials

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Hope that now you can grind dry dog foods by following the guide about how to grind dry dog food mentioned above. Moreover, you don’t need to buy specific appliances to make dry dog food into smaller pieces.

We recommend you use the coffee blender as it will perfectly grind up dog kibble. On the other hand, if you want to mix up the wet dog food and dry dog food, you can use the food processor as it is ideal for both wet and dry dog foods.