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If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably wondered if your furry friend can drink untreated water from streams or lakes, but what about rainwater? Can dogs drink rain water without any problems?

Dogs can drink rain water, but it’s not advisable for them to do so regularly. The main reason for this is because of the pollutants that are often found in rainwater. These pollutants can cause harm to your dog’s health, so it’s best to stick to fresh, clean water whenever possible.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of letting your dog drink rainwater and provide some tips on how to make sure your pup stays hydrated during wet weather.

Why Dogs Like Drinking Rainwater – Is Rainwater Safe To Drink

These are a few reasons why dogs like drinking rainwater:

1) Intriguing Smell

Rainwater often has a different smell than tap or bottled water. This can be intriguing for dogs and may make them more likely to drink it.

2) Cooler Temperature

Rainwater is often cooler than other types of water, which can be refreshing for dogs on a hot day.

3) Cleaner Taste

Rainwater is generally cleaner than water from other sources, so it may taste better to dogs.

4) More Accessible

In many cases, rainwater is more accessible to dogs than other types of water. This can be due to its location (e.g., sitting in a puddle on the ground) or because it’s easier to access a water bowl that’s been filled with rainwater.

5) Curiosity

Many dogs are simply curious about rainwater and want to try it out!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Drinking Rainwater?

There are pros and cons to letting your dog drink rain water:

  • Dogs may find the taste of rain water more appealing than other types of water.

  • Rain water is often cleaner and healthier than other types of water.

  • In some cases, rain water is more accessible to dogs than other types of water.

  • Rain water can help cool dogs down on a hot day.

  • Rain water may contain pollutants that can harm your dog’s health.

  • Dogs who drink rain water regularly may be at risk for dehydration if they’re not getting enough fresh water.

  • Some dogs may be more inclined to drink rain water out of curiosity or because it’s more accessible, which can lead to health problems if they’re not getting enough of other types of water.

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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Drink Rainwater?

Even though rain water is generally clean, there are still some pollutants that can be present. These pollutants can include:

1) Bacteria

Bacteria can often be found in rain water, and it can make dogs sick if they drink it.

2) Chemicals

Chemicals from car exhaust and other sources can be found in rain water. These chemicals can be harmful to dogs if they drink them.

3) Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead and mercury can be present in rain water. These metals can be toxic to dogs if they consume them.

4) Parasites

Parasites like giardia can sometimes be found in rain water. These parasites can cause diarrhea and other health problems in dogs.


You should not let your dog drink rain water on a regular basis, but it’s okay if they have a little from time to time. Just make sure that you provide them with plenty of fresh water as well, and monitor their health closely. If you notice any changes, be sure to take them to the vet for a check-up.


Are there any dangers of rainwater for dogs?

While rain water is generally safe for dogs to drink, there are some potential risks that you should be aware of. The biggest concern is the presence of pollutants in rain water.

Do all dogs like rain water?

No, not all dogs like rain water. Some may be curious about it and want to try it out, while others may not be interested at all.

Can rain water make my dog sick?

While rain water is generally safe for dogs to drink, there is a risk of them getting sick from bacteria, chemicals, and other pollutants that can be found in it. If your dog seems to be drinking a lot of rain water and is showing signs of illness, take them to the vet.

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