Why Does My Dog Kick Me When Lying Down

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Dogs are known for being playful and energetic, but why does my dog kick me when lying down? Many dog owners commonly ask this question.

You may have noticed that your pup kicks you in the night when they’re on the ground or in bed.  This is known as normal behavior and it is quite common, there are a few reasons why it happens.

The dogs sleep in different positions, so here you get a comprehensive guide bout why your sleeping dog keeps kicking you and why they do it.

Also, you get a detailed guide about all of their laying positions. We will also include information on why they kick and what to do to stop them from doing it.

Why Does My Dog Kick Me When Lying Down?

When your dog is laying on the ground or bed, they sometimes sit up and start kicking you with their hind legs.

It’s very frustrating and dangerous because it may happen anytime, including washing dishes in the kitchen.

According to a few animal experts, some told that there are several reasons why dogs do that activity.

However, one of the most significant factors is dominant behavior through which he wants his owner beside him all the time, even if he is sleeping.

Another reason dogs kicked us while sleeping is being insecure, so by keeping yourself close, they feel safe enough not to be attacked again.

In addition, they consider themselves part of our family, so we should always stay near them for security purposes no matter their sleeping position.

Another important factor behind why a dog kicks you are the sleeping style. There are many sleeping styles in which dogs love to sleep.

Dog Sleeping Styles

Here you get some of the sleeping positions and styles of your dog:

  • Lying on my back with four legs up.
  • On the side, the front paw touches your face or leg.
  • Sprawled out like a frog, diagonally across the bed or floor.
  • Curled into a ball tightly with their nose tucked under their tail.

Why Do Dogs Twitch in Their Sleep? Reasons

There are several reasons why your dog kicks you while sleeping, which include:

Comfort and Security

When your pet is resting on its side or stomach, that means it’s feeling secure at that moment. On the other hand, if the dogs choose deep sleep with their back up, this comfortable position allows them to watch their surroundings.

So, due to this backup sleeping style, your dog kicks you when lying down in different sleeping styles. Your dog feels more secure on its back because it can see what’s going around.

Dominant or Submissive Behavior

The dog’s dominant or aggressive behavior is one of the primary reasons why they do that activity while resting with their family members.

It means that if your pet is feeling dominant, he will sleep near his owner all time, even during nap time, which results in kicking us while we are trying to rest beside him.

Dogs have a natural tendency to shy away from anything they perceive as being dangerous. However, when it comes down to touching your dog without permission or getting too close for comfort, my pup feels vulnerable.

Sleeping Style or Position that they Prefer

Some dog breeds tend to sleep in certain positions. You can check it with your dog’s sleeping style and favorite position they prefer before going for why the dog kick when laying down.

If you observe them closely, you will find that every breed has its own way of resting or sleeping.

Some dogs lay on their back with their legs stretched out while others curl up in a ball. Some like to stretch across the bed, sofa, or floor with paws hanging over the edge.


According to some experts, why does my dog sometimes kick me even if he sleeps like a baby? Some researchers have found strong evidence that your pet is dreaming just as we do. It means they are running after something, which makes them active and kicking.

This activity, often happens, especially during the first half of the sleep cycle. Hence, you avoid moving around or making noise until they finish doing what they are doing.

Conversely, if you are waking with them or making noise during the sleeping cycle, so it creates another problem.


Excessive heat inside the house or bedding can cause dog kicking when laying down. If your pet is feeling warm during nap time, it will be a common reason dogs kick us at night.

So, when dogs sleep on their sides or stomachs, they might feel uncomfortable because of excess body temperature, so try to provide them with a cool and comfortable place.

It means that your dog doing it because they are not getting enough fresh air, and overheating, especially in warmer weather conditions.  

Thus, providing them cooling spots where they can find restful sleep also stops dogs’ kicking behavioral issues while sleeping.


Do you know why my dog always kicks me after coming home from a walk? While we are out of the house, pets feel lonely and want our attention as soon as we come back.

So, excitement causes are kicking because they need to express their happiness.

However, why my dog kicked me before going to bed will be another frequently asked question by dog owners. So, whenever your pet wakes up and starts moving around, then it might be possible that he wants to say welcome back.


dog kicks you when lying down after overeating and it is related to digestion. The reason is that your pet’s digestive system works faster than human beings, so while he sleeps on the floor, try to provide them small portions at a time.

It helps you to know why dogs kick us in different positions during sleep because this will be easier for pet owners.

Also, dogs need more fiber content which can ease their bowel movements; therefore, they might start kicking owners near them.

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Tips for Dealing with a Kicking Dog:

If you are suffering from this problem, so you need to resolve it as soon as possible by following the steps mentioned below:

  • If your dog is kicking when they sleep in different positions of dogs despite being asleep, it might happen because of excitement so try to stay calm.
  • When you are alone at home with your pets, then avoid playing or interacting with them as much as possible.
  • Why dogs always want to kick me when I’m sleeping should be considered an outcome of boredom. So, try playing with them, walking outside or doing other activities which help you to get rid of this problem.
  • If you are having trouble because your dog is constantly kicking you while sleeping, consider shifting the bedding while sleeping on their sides to make them more comfortable.


Now, as a dog owner, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you to get an idea about why does my dog kick me when lying down?

It will occur due to many reasons such as digestion and excitement that are briefly described above.

Along with the reason for this problem, you also get a step-by-step guide about solving this problem.


Why does my dog keep kicking me in her sleep?

Many dogs will dream about chasing rabbits or running around and may kick their legs in their sleep. It’s usually nothing to worry about unless your dog seems agitated or is kicking excessively. If that’s the case, you might want to talk to your vet to rule out any potential health problems.

Why does my dog kick me when I try to pet her?

Some dogs don’t like to be touched in certain areas, such as their stomachs. Others may be trying to tell you that they’re not in the mood for petting. If your dog kicks at you consistently when you try to pet her, it’s best to consult with a trainer or behaviourist to find out why and how to stop the behaviour.

Why does my dog kick me when I’m trying to put on her leash?

our dog may not like the feeling of a leash being pulled tight around her neck. She may also be trying to tell you that she’s not ready to go for a walk. If your dog consistently kicks at you when you try to put on her leash, it’s best to consult with a trainer or behaviourist to find out why and how to stop the behaviour.