why does my dog cover her face when sleeping

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Why does my dog cover her face when sleeping? The reason why they cover their face during sleep is unknown. Some believe that it helps them relax and get some rest.

Others say that it protects their eyes from dust and dirt. Whatever the case may be, if your pet covers its face while resting or sleeping on your bed, do not scold him/her. It’s his/her choice to make.

Besides, you can always help out by picking up your pet and gently moving him/her so that he/she will have a restful sleep. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, then read on!

What Causes Dogs To Cover Their Faces While Sleeping?

There are many reasons why dogs might cover their faces when they sleep. The most common cause of dogs covering their faces while sleeping is because they are cold. They could be nervous, sick, tired, or simply confused.

Most of these issues can be solved with some understanding and time. But before we delve into those problems, let us first explore what causes dogs to cover their faces when they are asleep.

Is It OK If My Dog Covers His/Her Face While Sleeping?

The answer to this question is yes. However, it depends on how long the dog stays like this. Your pet would feel better at ease if he/she sleep comfortably by covering his/her face without any problems. However, if the dog spends most of his time in this position, there is no harm done.

Why Do Dogs Cover Their Snout When They Sleep?

Dogs that cover their snouts while sleeping may be doing so for different reasons. One popular reason is that it helps them cool off.

This is especially true when the air temperature outside changes drastically. In such situations, a dog who sleeps with his/her snout covered could be overheating.

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Why Does My Dog Hide His Face In Blankets?

When dogs hide their faces in blankets, it is usually because they want to protect themselves from getting their tongues frozen. This happens when an animal rests in extreme cold weather conditions.

However, if your dog likes to cover himself/herself in blankets and covers his/her face in all of them, it is because he/she enjoys the feeling of warmth. He/she feels content just being under a blanket. 

Why Does My Dog Like To Lie On His Back When Sleeping?

When dogs lie on their backs while sleeping, it is usually because he/she wants to enjoy the sunshine. In addition, he/she wants to watch the birds flying around at sunset.

In addition, sometimes dogs like to lay down on their back to escape the noises of traffic.

Why Is My Dog Lying Down With Its Head Between Its Legs And Buttocks?

If your dog lies down between his legs and buttocks, it is probably because he/she wants your attention. Usually, it is because your pet needs feeding, grooming, or love.

If your dog does not react to your touch, even after several days of lying still, it is best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If A Dog Who Hides His/Her Face From Me When Sleeping Is Sick Or Not Well?

It is important to know whether your dog hides his/her face from you because he/she is angry, afraid, or ill. A dog who hides her/his face from you when sleeping usually feels embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Moreover, a dog who hides his/her face when sleeping is usually scared or annoyed due to noise and unfamiliar people entering his/her house. Sometimes, even dogs who are well-trained show signs of fear by hiding their face.

Why Does My Dog Cover Her Face When Sleeping? Is It Normal?

Yes, it is normal for dogs to cover their faces while sleeping. As much as dogs need protection, they also need to relax and get rid of stress. Therefore, when they sleep, they should do so in a comfortable position. Otherwise, they might become stressed or sick.


In the end, I hope you learned something new today in this article “Why Does My Dog Cover His / Her Face While Sleeping”.You should have to take your dog’s behaviour into consideration while trying to understand its reasons for behaviour.

The more you know about your dog’s personality, the easier it will be to figure out what makes him/her tick. I really appreciate your reading. Thanks!


How do I tell if a dog is stressed?

The most common sign that a dog may be experiencing high levels of stress is hiding his/her face. Such behaviour can indicate fear, anger, discomfort, anxiety, fear of pain, and many other things too. 

What do I say to my dog when I notice she has a bad mood?

There are two ways to help your dog improve his/her mood. You can either put yourself in your dog’s shoes to make sure that you understand why he/she behaves that way or you can try giving him/her special attention and treats. 

How much time should dogs sleep?

Dogs’ sleep cycles depend on breed, age, lifestyle, size, health condition, etc. The average length of daytime naps varies according to breed but generally ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. However, all breeds of dogs require long periods of resting at night.

Is it ok if my dog sleeps all day?

No, it is not. Your dog should never sleep for days on end. All pets should get enough exercise and playtime during the day. Sleeping all day long could lead to obesity, which can result in health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

Should I let my puppy sleep with us?

Of course, puppies need constant companionship and affection. But, there’s no harm in letting them sleep with you in bed. Puppies need to learn how to separate themselves from mom and dad sometimes. And, if your pet gets used to sharing your room, then you can decide to keep him/her over the years.

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