Why Do Dogs Crawl On Their Belly

Why Do Dogs Crawl On Their Belly – PetDogsLife

Dogs are known for their wagging tails and goofy personalities, but one of the most curious things about them is their habit of crawling on their bellies. So, why do dogs crawl on their belly?

The answer is that this behavior has several purposes. It’s called the “submissive crawl” because it signals to other dogs that your dog is not challenging them.

Crawling on the belly exposes a vulnerable underside, which makes it impossible for them to be an attack from this direction. This also makes it difficult for the submissive crawler to stand up and run away, which is another important part of this body language.

If you want to know more about this behavior of dogs, then follow this article.

Why Do Dogs Crawl On Their Belly Some Reasons

Crawling on their bellies enables your dog to get around more easily when they are injured, nursing a litter of puppies, if their legs are just too tired to keep standing or if they want to defend against any attack from that side.

A lot of owners say that their dogs start this behavior as soon as they get on the furniture or on top of the bed. This may be a natural instinct for your dog to seek out high places and curl up with their head tucked under so they feel protected, which is what makes them crawl onto those surfaces in order to make themselves comfortable and fall asleep.

Some Reasons Are Following:

It Is Their Instinct.

It is their instinct to express submission to others in their pack. And also it is their instinct to seek higher places where they feel protected.

It Is A Sign Of Injury Or Pain.

When your dog is injured or in pain, they show their belly to other dogs. This is because this behavior seems like a sign of submission and the other dogs do not attack them.

It Is A Sign Of An Emergency.

If a dog wants to warn its pack about the danger, they show their belly and this behavior is a sign of an emergency.

It Is A Sign Of Fearfulness Or Insecurity.

Your dog may be tired of crawling on their belly, but they can’t stand up because they are afraid.

It Is A Sign Of Feeling Relaxed And Safe.

Dogs crawl on their belly because they feel relaxed and safe. Because they got tired after playing for a long time, they want to get relaxed and this also makes them feel safe.

They Are Tired.

Your dogs may be too tired to stand or walk after a lot of play, so they might crawl on their belly.

Giving Respect To The Pack Leader.

When your dog crawls on the belly, it shows that they respect their pack leader. Because they want to show them that they do not challenge their pack leader.

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Medical Conditions That Make Dogs Crawl On Their Bellies

There are some medical conditions that can cause your dog to crawl on its belly. Some of them are following:

Sprain Or Dislocation:

Sometimes, if your dog sprains or dislocates its leg then it starts to crawl on its belly.

Arthritis Or Injury:

If your dog has arthritis or is injured then it shows that they are crawling on their belly.

Pregnancy-Related Issues:

Sometimes, if your dog is pregnant and it gets hurt, then you see that she starts to crawl on her belly. And this behavior not only comes from her but also from her puppies.

When They Are Abused By Humans:

Your dog crawls on their belly because they have been abused by humans. So this behavior shows that your dog is very much scared of people and other dogs. This makes them crawl on their belly because they feel insecure about everything in the world.


Your dog may have a problem with its stomach, so they crawl on its belly. They feel sick and do not want to eat anything so they crawl on their belly because they are afraid that if they stand up then they might vomit.

Some Birth Defects:

There are some cases where dogs start crawling on their belly from their birth.


If your dog suffers from allergies then it crawls on its belly because of itchy skin. They feel very uncomfortable and they try to get rid of this discomfort by crawling on their belly.

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So these are some reasons why do dogs crawl on their belly. This behavior not only shows your dog’s emotions but also shows any medical condition of your dog. We have discussed the different reasons and medical causes.


How can I stop my dog from crawling on its belly?

If you have a baby at home then you will also see that all the newborns crawl on their belly and it is a natural instinct, so your dog does this same thing to show its emotions or any medical condition. You cannot stop them from doing this behavior unless you check out the reason why they are crawling on their belly.

What are some things that I can do if my dog is crawling on its belly?

You should know the reason behind this behavior, before doing anything else. Because there are many reasons why dogs crawl on their belly? So you should check out the reasons and if you have any of these problems, then try to solve them by following our guide which we have mentioned above.

When my dog is crawling on its belly why do I need to be worried?

If your dog crawls on its belly then keep in mind that there are several reasons for this behavior, some of them are given above, but if you think that your dog does this because of any medical condition then you need to take your dog to the vet.

What kind of diseases causes dogs to crawl on their belly?

There are many different medical conditions like arthritis, pregnancy, allergies, birth defects, etc. which can make a dog crawl on its belly. So you should take your dog to the vet immediately if you see any problem with this behavior.

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