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Leaving your dog home alone can be a daunting task, but with a little preparation, it can be an easy transition. So, when can I leave puppy alone?

The answer is that a puppy can be left alone for a couple of hours when he is 8 weeks old. Just make sure you leave him with his favourite toy, and perhaps a little food or water, But don’t overdo it as puppies have been known to get trapped inside their own home by eating too much.

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When Can I Leave Puppy Alone?

Puppies should not be left alone, but if you are going to leave them alone due to some reason. Then you can do it like this.

You must provide them with their favorite toy, which they can cuddle to feel excited. And you should also provide them with at least some food or water according to the time period that has been determined for leaving your dog alone.

Never forget to take out the trash as puppies are known to get themselves into trouble by eating any kind of trash.

When you return from wherever you have been, your puppy is going to be so excited and pleased that he’s going to want your full attention immediately. So, don’t spend too much time away from the puppy next time as it will take a long time for him to heal from the separation anxiety.

In addition, happiness will keep life-enhancing chemicals flowing to the brain, which will raise your dog’s immunity and increase his lifespan.

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How Long Can A Puppy Be Left Alone?

How long can a puppy be left alone before developing separation anxiety? So the answer is that a puppy can be left alone for a couple of hours when he is 4 or at least 2 months old. Because at that time, he should have gained enough confidence to begin making himself at home. And he should also have enough time to explore the new surroundings.

However, before that, leaving your dog alone for too long can cause severe anxiety, or even lead to destructive behaviours like chewing or any other kind of destruction. So it is better to leave your puppy alone for a short period of time until he has gained some confidence and understands the house rules.

Still, you can give your dog some food or water if you are going to leave them alone for at least 2 hours. Remember don’t overdo it, because puppies don’t know how much they should eat and when they should stop eating.

How Can You Help A Puppy Adjust To Be Left Alone?

You can help your puppy to be left alone in the house in the following ways:

  • Give him his favourite toy
  • If you have a garden then let your pet play in it.
  • Vary feeding times, which will confuse the puppy if he knows exactly when & how much he gets fed.
  • Put some chewing stuff around to keep your dog busy.
  • Also, put something that he doesn’t like to eat in the garden.
  • Regular long walks can help a lot to tire out a hyperactive puppy and make him calm when he comes back home.
  • Create an area where your dog feels safe and comfortable while you are away from home for some time.

8 Tips For Leaving A Puppy Home Alone

If you are planning to leave your puppy home alone, Then here are some tips to follow:

Leave Him For A Max Of 2 Hours.

Never leave your puppy home alone for more than 2 hours. Because, when your puppy is left at home alone for too long, he will start to get anxious and this might lead to destruction or other kinds of harmful behaviour.

Give Him Some Toys

Give your dog a toy that can create relaxation in his mind. For example, something that you can fill with treats, and your dog can search for them while you are away.

Don’t Overfeed Him

Puppies don’t know how much they should eat or when to stop, so it is better to leave some food in their bowl. But keep in mind not too much because it will make your puppy fat.

Don’t Give Him Access To The Whole House

Don’t let your dog wander around in all rooms of the house because he might get lost or destroy something valuable that you really like. And also, some dogs can learn some bad habits which are hard to break later on, for example chewing electric cables or furniture legs, etc.

Leave Him With Some Safe Things

Leave your puppy home alone with something that he can chew and get comfort from it. Like a rawhide bone, or hard rubber toys will help to keep them busy without hurting them or destroying your furniture.

Don’t Just Leave Him In One Room

Don’t give him access to only one room because he might get bored or feel lonely about it, so it is better to give him access to the whole house.

Give Him Some Training Time Before You Leave Home.

Give your puppy some training time before you leave them alone at home. Because they will need less attention when you come back if they know what to do and what is not allowed.

Don’t Punish Your Dog When He Makes A Mistake

If your puppy doesn’t do anything wrong, then don’t punish him for something that you think he should. Because if you do so, he will start to learn how to act when you are not at home and will behave differently when you come back home.

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When can I leave puppy alone? So, leaving your dog alone for a couple of hours at the age of 8 weeks old is not too bad. You can give him his favourite toy and leave some food and water in his bowl to keep him busy and hydrated. But don’t overfeed them so it will make them fat also give your puppy some training time before you go out.


What are some signs that a puppy is feeling anxious or stressed?

Puppies that are anxious or stressed can bark, whine or howl more than usual. They also drool a lot and pant heavily.

What are some tips for preventing separation anxiety in puppies?

Puppies can experience separation anxiety when they are left alone, so it is important to try some simple training before you leave them at home. You can also give them something that they like while you are away. And the most important thing is not to punish your puppy for some mistakes that he makes while you are gone.

What should I do if my puppy is having trouble adjusting to being left alone?

If your puppy is having trouble adjusting to being left alone, you should leave him with something that he really likes. You can also give them some treats or food when you are leaving home. And if these things don’t help then changing the place that they are kept in might make a difference too.

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