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When I was younger, my grandfather used to tell me that when a dog puts his head on you, it means he loves you. It was one of those things that I didn’t quite believe until I experienced it for myself.

I grew up with dogs, and I love them very much. So one day as a young boy, I was playing with my dog and he put his head on me as grandpa said. It felt warm and fuzzy inside like there’s no place I’d rather be.

So when your dog puts his head on you, it is not just for comfort. If your pet touches you in any way, even if it’s by putting his nose in your hand or resting his head on top of it, he may be trying to tell you he loves you. A dog can pick up on our emotions and body language. They are very good at knowing when they are loved.

If you want to know more about this emotion of dogs, then stick to my article.

When A Dog Puts His Head On You

It is not just for comfort. If your pet touches you in any way, even if it’s by putting his nose in your hand or resting his head on top of it, he may be trying to tell you he loves you. A dog can pick up on our emotions and body language. They are very good at knowing when they are loved.

The act of your dog putting his head on you is called an embrace. Dogs are pack animals, and they live in groups where everyone cares for everyone else. The dogs know that they have to pay attention to the needs of others in order to survive in the pack.

If you want proof, consider this: it’s not uncommon for two dogs to casually pass each other in the street and the one who gets there first may turn around to invite the other dog to pass through before he does. This invitation is an embrace, and often times the dogs will show their appreciation for this gesture by licking one another’s faces.

A dog gives his affection in many different ways: he may put his tail in your lap or rest his head on you with a content look. Dogs also greet each other by touching noses and tails, too.

No matter what way your dog tells you that he loves you, it is important to give him the same kind of affection back. If he likes having his chin scratched then scratch it! You’ll both enjoy your time together more.

How To Respond When A Dog Puts His Head On You?

You can respond to him in some of the following ways when he or she puts their head on you:

Eye Contact:

The best way to show your love is to maintain eye contact with your dog while speaking in a gentle, loving voice. Petting or hugging him is also a good sign of affection and love.


While it might be awkward at first, putting your nose on top of his muzzle and nuzzling repeatedly is another good way to show your dog that you love him.


If your dog performs any action that he can repeat, then respond in kind in the future with something equally rewarding for him. For example, if he puts his paws on your shoulders and you kneel down to pet him, then he will feel that the gesture is rewarding and he will perform it again.

Gentle Petting: 

When your dog rests his head on you, gently scratch him under his chin and along the back of his neck. If he likes having his ears rubbed, then do that as well.


Some dogs may lick your hand in a gesture of love and affection, so gently put your hand out and let him lick it.


If your dog generally walks away after he rests his head on you, then try holding your paw and giving him a light shake with your hand. He may return the gesture by licking or nuzzling you.

Pet Him On The Belly: 

Some dogs may love having their bellies scratched. If this is your dog, then gently rub him on the stomach and see how he reacts.

Talk To Him: 

Dogs are very verbal animals that express themselves through barking. So talk to your dog in a soothing voice while you pat him on the head or scratch him on the back.

Spot Scratch:

If your dog has a favourite spot, such as under his chin or between his shoulder blades, then scratch those areas to show how much he means to you.

Belly Rub: 

Some dogs will flip over and expose their bellies if they trust you enough and expect that it will result in a good belly rub. If your dog likes doing this, then gently scratch or tickle his exposed stomach.

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What Do Different Head Positions Mean For Dogs?

A dog might move his head in different positions, depending on his intentions. For example, if your pet moves her head toward you to sniff or lick your hand, then she is probably asking for affection. Dogs will also lower their heads when they’re feeling insecure and anxious.

For more examples of what different types of head positions mean, take a look at the following guide:

Sniffing hand or any object: The dog is simply checking it out to see if there are predators or other dogs. It’s important not to show your fear, so try scratching him under his chin calmly while avoiding direct eye contact.

Licking your hand: Dogs will often lick their owners if they feel a certain connection between the two of you. They do this because they’re trying to tell them that they want affection and love from them. 

Laying down with paws out: The dog is most likely relaxed and comfortable around you.

Laying down with paws in: The dog is waiting for something to happen. If you’re walking, then he might be trying to follow you.

Lifting of head up while lying down: Dogs will sometimes do this when they feel insecure or anxious. For example, if your pet does this while you’re playing tug of war with a toy, then he might be trying to stop the game because he’s not comfortable playing.

Gratitude: If your pet places his head on you and looks up at you while slowly wagging his tail, then he probably wants some affection from you.

Kneading: This is when dogs put their paws over a person’s thigh or chest and push down on them. This is a position that dogs will assume when they feel extremely secure around their owner, so they might do this when you’re petting him.

Lowering head with ears back: Dogs will often do this in a non-threatening way if they feel threatened or anxious. For example, if your pet does this when you’re putting his leash on, then he might be nervous about going for a walk.

Lowering head with ears back and teeth bared: This is often a sign that the dog is feeling threatened or anxious. In this case, it might make sense to give him some space.

Lying on the side with head resting on paw: Dogs will often do this if they are relaxed. It’s almost as though they are posing for a picture.

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So when a dog puts his head on you, it means he loves you. For example, if your dog places her head on your leg or arm and snuggles up to you, then she is telling you that she loves and trusts you. This is a very good sign.


So my dog only sits with his head down whenever I leave him alone at home?

Yes, it’s most likely because he is waiting for you to return. It might also be because your pet feels insecure when you’re not there. If this is the case, then try talking to your vet about ways to decrease how anxious your dog gets when you’re not around. It might help to get your pet a friend or start taking him on lots of walks to the park.

So when my dog puts his head down, it means he’s feeling anxious?

Yes, it does. If this is the case, then try giving him some space because he could be looking for reassurance and affection from you. Also, try not to move too quickly around him because this could make him feel even more anxious and uncomfortable.

Is it okay for me to pet my dog when he puts his head down?

Yes, it is! When a dog lowers his head and has his ears back, it usually means that he feels threatened or anxious. However, this is not always the case. You should never pet a dog who bares his teeth or growls because this could be a sign that he feels threatened and might even attack you.

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