What Size Muzzle for German Shepherd is Best

What Size Muzzle for German Shepherd is Best? What to Consider? 2022 Top Guide

The German Shepherd is a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate dog breed. However, they can be aggressive when it comes to food or toys.

The muzzle is one of the best tools for preventing unwanted and aggressive behavior from your pet that happens with their mouth.

The question that many owners ask themselves is what size muzzle for German shepherd is best? Of course, it depends on what you need a muzzle for and which activities your German Shepherd will be involved in.

Thus, here you get the detailed guide about this topic that will help you to choose the best size muzzle for your dog.

What Size Muzzle for German Shepherd is Best?

The size of the muzzle for a German shepherd is depended on the ratio between muzzle and head. The proper size for a German shepherd should allow enough space to stick out their tongue It also provides enough room for breathing and drinking water if necessary.

The length of the muzzle’s nose should be at least 50% of its entire length but no more than 70%. The lengthwise nose part should be proportional to width; more significant in relation to the overall width.

Also, it depends on the activities of the German shepherd and you can buy it for walking, obedience training, or wearing it during medical treatment. For example, if a German shepherd is going to participate in a competition, then it should have a high-quality leather muzzle that must provide enough airflow and visibility of their mouth

Also, some more factors will help you determine what size muzzle for a German Shepherd is best for your dog.

How to Measure the Muzzle Size for a German Shepherd?

The dog’s head circumference should determine the muzzle size. So, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1:

Measure your dog’s head circumference with a cloth tape measure. If you don’t have a cloth tape for measurement, then you can also use string or ribbon.

Step 2:

Mark the measurement on your dog’s head circumference.

Step 3:

Now, take a piece of paper and draw the shape of your dog’s head circumference on the paper.

Step 4:

With this step, you have to cut out that paper template from the drawing sheet now with it measure jaw length, snout width, and overall muzzle size as needed by dogs.

Step 5:

As you have the dog’s muzzle size measurement, now it is time to buy a perfect and comfortable muzzle. There are various stores available online from where you can purchase your desired product.

Step 6:

To make your dog wear the muzzle comfortably, you need to measure his head circumference.

Above are the steps that you can follow to measure your German shepherd’s muzzle size.

Do German Shepherds Need Muzzles?

Yes, especially the working German shepherd needs a muzzle because this breed is very aggressive by nature and can’t control their aggression sometimes, which leads them to bite people or other animals without considering anything that may happen around them.

Things that Need to Consider Before Buying Muzzle for German Shepherd:

Here you get to see what you have to consider before buying a muzzle for your German shepherd.

  • The muzzle should be made of solid, durable, and soft material. The German shepherd is a large dog breed, so you need to buy the best quality product that will not break or tear easily. You should consider buying nylon, genuine leather, metal, or basket muzzles for your German shepherds.
  • There are many types of cloth materials also available in the market. However, it does not provide safety because their teeth can go through the material. On the other hand, if your dogs don’t like wearing them, avoid using cloth material muzzles on your dogs at any cost!
  • You must need to measure the size of the muzzle according to the length, width, and height measurements of your German shepherd rather than just looking at its weight or breed type because every individual has a different body structure. So, choose accordingly; otherwise, if you will not pick the correct size, it may fall off your dog’s nose, which is highly irritating for them and dangerous!
  • Do care about special features like extra soft padding inside the muzzle. Also, purchase a muzzle that is made of Warping material lining, reverse and strong straps, and the quick release buckle. Also, you need to consider the fastening system that comes with the adjustable nylon strap and traditional buckle that provides excellent ventilation!
  • Also, you need to purchase a lightweight muzzle that is also strong enough to prevent biting incidents by your German shepherd. It is very important if you want to buy the perfect muzzle according to the strength of the German shepherd.
  • The nose area should be wide open inside, or at least there must be some holes on the top side. Always buy a soft muzzle that is open to breathe freely instead of closing all around like other muzzles because it will cause suffocation issues.

So, if you are worried about what size muzzle for a German shepherd is best so above you get the detailed guide about what things you need to consider before buying a muzzle.

Do Muzzles Make Dogs More Aggressive?

Muzzles can decrease the dog’s aggression. The muzzle will allow you to transport your dog safely and protect others from any unexpected behavior. In addition, it plays an essential role in decreasing the dog’s aggression in terms of manners and behavior.


what size muzzle for the German shepherd is best? So, it depends on how big they are.

We recommend getting measured by your vet before ordering one online, as well as checking with them about what would be best for your dog’s breed and health needs.