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Gotti dogs are a type of dog breed that originated in Italy. They are known for their large size and short legs. The name Gotti comes from the Italian word “gotten” meaning “big head”.

They can be either black, white, brown, or tan in colour. The coat on them is smooth. Also, unlike Poodles, they have no markings. This makes it easy to identify your pet if you lose track of him/her when out in public.

So, if you are interested to know more about what is a Gotti dog, then keep reading. Here we will explain everything about this special breed of dogs.

History Of Gotti Dogs

The history of the Gotti dog goes back to around 1750. It was created by crossing German Shepherds with Portuguese Water Spaniels. The breed’s name comes from the first three letters of its creator’s family names: Giuseppe, Antoinetta, and Antonio. Later on, this crossbreed became popular among landed classes and aristocrats.

Gotti dogs were created to be hunting companions. They were slowly bred as pets during the 19th century, though. In the present day, they can be seen everywhere – in parades and in shows.

According to Guinness World Records, there are over 2 million purebred Gotti dogs living in the world today. So, whether you want an adorable puppy or a companion animal, you should definitely consider getting one!

Characteristics Of Gotti Dogs

These special breeds are often confused with Poodles, as mentioned earlier. The main difference between these two dogs lies in their appearance, despite their similar characteristics.

Gotti dogs have shorter legs, but still have bigger heads than other small breeds, while Poodles have longer bodies and larger heads.

Poodles and Gotti dogs both have black spots or stripes on their coats, while Poodles have spots and stripes on their coats. If you find any, it could mean that your Gotti dog has been crossed with another breed.

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How To Recognize What Is A Gotti Dog?

It is important to recognize the differences between Gotti dogs and Poodles so that you don’t end up getting confused later on. Here are some distinguishing features:

  • Both of these dogs have medium to short hair coats which are sleek and shiny.
  • Unlike typical poodles, Gotti dogs have no facial markings.
  • Their ears have rounded tips and a slight slope at the top.
  • They have thick double eyelids.
  • Their eyes are dark and large in size.
  • Most importantly, they have a wide skull!

Overall, the Gotti dog enjoys a good reputation as a loyal and loving pet. And, given how unique and attractive it is, we can say that this is certainly well-thought-out breeding.

Why Should You Choose Gotti Dogs Rather Than Purebreds?

Now, let’s talk about why you should choose the Gotti dog instead of the purebred ones. One major advantage of having a Gotti dog is that you can easily distinguish them from others. 

Thus, even if you take them home as puppies, you won’t get mistaken for bringing a purebred dog into your house!

Another reason why you should prefer the Gotti dogs to the purebreds is that these animals are easier to train. All you need to do is teach them to sit, stay, down, shake hands, heel, etc.

Is Gotti Dogs Good Pets?

Gotti dogs are very easy-going, friendly, lively dogs. Many experts recommend adopting a young adult Gotti dog because of its mature personality. They will require less work compared to younger puppies.

Also, they tend to love human attention and affection. Therefore, it might be wise to adopt a Gotti Dogs rather than another one.

This means that, when choosing them, make sure that you know what kind of behaviour your new friend will exhibit. After all, just like us, Gotti dogs also enjoy spending time with friends and family.

What Is A Good Diet For Gotti Dogs?

So, what foods should your Gotti eat every day? Well, your friend should receive plenty of freshwaters all the time. He/she needs to drink at least twice a day and should always bathe regularly.

Some people believe that it is better to feed your Gotti dog dry food. However, many experts agree that canned food is more suitable since it contains enough nutritional value.

When you buy canned food, look for brands that contain high-quality meat ingredients such as fish, chicken, liver, and eggs. Also, check out the added vitamins provided by this type of food.

You can then start feeding him/her with small portions every few hours. Do remember that the Gotti dog must never go hungry!

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Is There A Way To Train The Gotti Dog?

As mentioned above, training a Gotti dog is pretty straightforward. Just give them a simple command once or twice in their lives and you’re done!

However, there are still a couple of things that you shouldn’t rush through. Make sure that you understand each step carefully so that you don’t mess up any part of the process.

How Many Hours Does A Gotti Dog Need To Sleep?

The average resting period of an adult Gotti dog is around 11-12 hours per night. However, you should keep in mind that this may vary depending on his/her age, activity level, and body weight.

If he/she spends too much time sleeping after the 12th hour, he/she will get tired quickly throughout the next day. So, try not to leave him alone for long periods of time.

What About Exercise For A Gotti Dog?

Although Gotti dogs love being active, they also require some rest. Hence, most people find it best to exercise during the first two weeks of their life.

However, as they grow older, they’ll become accustomed to regular walks and runs. But if your Gotti doesn’t show interest in running and playing, you should spend more time exercising with your friend. This way, you can help him/her burn extra calories.


In conclusion, we’ve looked over everything about the topic what is Gotti dogs.

We think that now you have a clearer idea about why you need to take good care of Gotti Dogs. Take care of your pet today! Share them with your friends!

Best regards!


Why do I need to worry about my Gotti’s health?

A: If a Gotti dog isn’t healthy, he/she won’t be able to fulfil all your expectations. As a result, your pet might end up damaging your property, getting injured, becoming aggressive, and even dying.

What are common problems associated with Gotti dogs?

The common problem includes hyperactivity (like jumping), anxiety, shyness, separation anxiety, compulsive barking, aggression, etc.

How should I stop worrying about my Gotti’s behaviour?

One thing that you can do is to properly train your Gotti. Spend some time teaching him/her to listen, follow commands, obey rules, and behave when necessary.

Are all Gotti dogs trained differently?

No. Gotti dogs come in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, breeds, and temperaments. Therefore, how you train one will depend entirely on how you raise him/her.

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