What Is A Blue Dog Worth

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What is a Blue Dog worth? It might be worth thousands of dollars. The thing that makes blue dogs special and rare is that they are considered legendary pets.

They were bred to be strong, loyal, and friendly. Today, they are considered rare and valuable. Some people say their value can even reach up to 2-3 legendaries.

If you are interested in knowing more, then let’s come with me.

What Is A Blue Dog Worth In Adopt Me?

Blue Dog worth in Adopt Me is 2-3 legendaries depending on the quality. If it has good stats, like agility or strength, then it will be much higher than others.

The shop owner usually sells them for 500k-$1 million. Although there have been some who sell them for less but not in large quantities.

 What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Blue Dog?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of owning a blue dog:

1) Good For Any Type Of Game

Blue dogs can play almost all types of games; whether it’s an RPG or MOBA. The only problem you would have would be with the graphics. However, if you want to experience the power of a wild-looking pet like a blue wolf, then go ahead.

2) Very Good Companion

Blue dogs make the best companions for anyone who is looking for a loyal friend. They always stand by you when needed and will not leave you alone even if your life gets hard. 

You may also use them to get some extra money because many blue dogs are used as guards to protect players from other attacks.

3) High-Level Pets

Most other normal pets cannot match the high level of power and health of a blue dog. This means that you don’t need to spend a lot of cash on buying one.

If you already have high-level pets but feel like having a new friend around then this is the right option for you.

4) Can Perform Well In PvP/PvE

If you want to have fun playing the game while still making money, then using a blue dog as your pet would do very well. In fact, there are many videos showing how amazing these blue dogs are in PvP/PVT (Player vs Player).

5) Strong Defence

Many people don’t know this, but these blue wolves actually hold tons of defense points. These defense points come from two places. 

First, they have a ton of HP which comes from their strong defense stat. Their second source of defense is a blue shield that is given to them while leveling up.

Why Blue Dogs Are So Expensive?

There are many reasons why blue dogs are so pricey. Here are a few of them:

1) Breed Process

Most likely due to the breeding process. Even though the breeding process takes place randomly, each year, the number of blue dogs becomes lower. 

Therefore, it will take time for them to become rare again so they can be purchased easily.

2) Longevity

Blue wolves tend to live longer than other animals. Unlike other pets, they will never die even after reaching 100 years old. That’s quite different from other pets.

3) Quantity

As mentioned earlier, the blue dogs are the ones who are bought at the Rare Pet shop. Also, we should note that the shop doesn’t accept requests for purchasing the blue dogs anymore. This makes the prices get even higher.


I hope that this guide helped you understand what is a blue dog worth. I am sure that this article will help both beginners and veterans.


Do blue dogs work differently compared to other pets?

No. Your pet works exactly the same way it does with other pets. It uses its special attack for damage and healing. The only difference here is that it has a bit faster attack speed.

How long does a blue dog last?

The blue dogs normally last between 10 to 15 hours depending on their rarity. But as said above, they are able to last for much longer periods.

Why do they have a blue shield?

This is because they have a high resistance value. As such, they can withstand powerful attacks and survive otherwise impossible situations.

Does a blue dog have any weaknesses?

Yes. There is no blue wolf that isn’t vulnerable to Ice Beam! All blue dogs will go down under an ice beam spell cast at them. However, all other spells can kill them.

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