Puppy Cries When Eating

Puppy Cries When Eating? Different Reasons – 2022

What could be more adorable than a little puppy enthusiastically gobbling up his food? But what if your pup starts to cry each time he eats? Why does the puppy cries when eating?

Puppies are notorious for crying when they’re excited about something. There’s the excited puppy howl, that funny little cry when they get super happy or super scared, and then of course there is the classic fit your pup pitches when you come home after being gone for a while.

There are also some negative reasons for the pup’s crying like, for example, hunger, gum disease, pain from teething, tonsillitis, or a very simple reason because he doesn’t like what you’re feeding him.

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What Is Crying While Chewing?

Before moving towards the reasons, it is necessary to know what crying while chewing is all about. When your pup cries while eating his meal, he might be trying to tell you that there’s something wrong.

Crying when eating can indicate that the puppy has an ear infection or tooth pain. If your pet starts whimpering while eating then this means there is a problem in his mouth.

Puppy Cries When Eating Possible Reasons

If your pup cries when he’s excited, it’s probably because he doesn’t know how to process his emotions. This is especially true if he cries after coming back from the groomer or vet. Some things can be done at home that will help him learn not to cry during these moments of excitement.

If he cries because he’s trying to tell you something, it can be a little more difficult. It could be that there is actually something wrong with his mouth and he needs your help in getting rid of it. Or maybe there’s discomfort behind one of his ears or below an eyelid.

This could also be because of a health problem. In the case of teething, it might mean that he is in pain because one of his teeth is erupting. And also because of gum disease or tonsil inflammation, he will cry.

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What To Do When Your Pup Starts Crying While Eating

When your puppy starts crying while eating, you can stop him with the following tips:

Be Patient.

When you come home, put down your things and make sure to give him attention before taking care of anything else. First, let him know that you are there. Give him a hug or play with him for a few minutes. He will feel happy since you have given him your attention. Or if the pup has been left alone all day, he might be very excited to see you when you get home.

Give Him Love And Affection.

After that, if your puppy is still crying then try giving him some more attention. This will definitely help him relax a little bit and feed him food in peace, with emotions of love.

Put A Blanket On The Floor.

The blanket in this case will act as a barrier in the eating area. It is good to cover the surrounding with some soft cloth or blanket so that your puppy does not see you doing different things around the room.

Command Him To Eat.

When your pup is still crying after giving him attention, then command him to eat. Give the command in a firm voice so that he can understand what you are trying to say. He will know that there is something wrong if he starts crying again only after eating for a few minutes. He might need to eat in peace. So give him that environment.

Lie Down Next To Him.

If he is still crying while eating then put a pillow over his head so that he can’t see your face or hands and lie down next to him until he eats the food you have prepared for him. He will feel more comfortable if you are close by so that he can see your face.

Give Him A Treat.

If the problem persists, praise him after he finishes his meal. This will motivate him to keep on eating and get rid of the pain or discomfort feeling in his mouth. You can also give him a small toy, bone, or chew stick as a reward for finishing his meal.

Be Gentle While Feeding Him.

If your pup is crying due to pain then you can perform other activities like petting and massage which will help to reduce the pain gradually. If you feel the need to give your dog a pill then you need to give him a treat and make sure that he eats it. Then, you can offer him the pill. This will reduce the chances of your dog not eating it because he might be feeling disgusted with his food or water bowl.

Take Him To A Veterinary Doctor.

Sometimes it can be something more serious than pain and gum problems, and in such cases, it is best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. Veterinary doctors will prescribe the right medication depending on the type of infection affecting your pet’s mouth and his symptoms.


Do Not Yell At A Crying Puppy!

Yelling at the pup will not help, it will just make him more scared and cause him to cry even more. You should never hit or kick your dog for this reason because it will make him feel bad and he might even become aggressive. It is not his fault, so you should never punish him.


Puppies will cry at some point. Sometimes, a puppy cries when eating, Reasons are explained above. To minimize this type of behavior, you need to make sure that the area is calm and quiet when feeding him. You can also stop him from crying by giving a treat or a little toy as a reward after he finishes his meal.


Why do puppies cry when they are left alone?

Sometimes, the pup might be scared because he is left alone which can lead to crying. However, this behavior is mostly seen in dogs that have been abandoned by their mothers before learning how to socialize with other dogs.

Why do dogs cry when they see their owners after being away?

Puppies or dogs cry when they see their owners after being away because they are excited to see them. They might be feeling happy, sad, or lonely and the only way for them to express it is by crying.

Why do dogs cry after they eat?

Dogs might cry or whine after eating because they are in pain from teething, gum problems, tonsillitis, or an upset stomach. If this happens to your pup then you can take a closer look at what he is eating, how much water he has been drinking, and if he doesn’t have any problems with his gums.

Why does my dog try to get near me when he cries?

Dogs are pack animals by nature, but they don’t live in groups of hundreds or thousands of dogs. They live in packs with just a few members that are usually made up of their direct family. This is why your pup will seek your attention and will try to get near you when he cries.

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