How to Make a Dog Harness Out of Fabric

How to Make a Dog Harness Out of Fabric (Best Guide) – PetDogslife

If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra protection and style to your dog’s walk, look no further than a fabric dog harness. 

This project is easy to complete and can be made in any colour or style that you desire. There are many different ways you can go about making your own harness and this article is going to describe one of the possible methods.

Just follow these simple instructions to know how to make a dog harness out of fabric and soon you’ll have a stylish harness that will keep your furry friend safe while on walks. So, let’s get started!

Materials Needed To Make Dog Harness

To make a dog harness out of fabric, you will need:

  • Fabric for the harness body and straps
  • Fabric for the attachment loops
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or a straight edge
  • Template or photocopy of an existing dog harness
  • Iron and ironing board

How to Make a Dog Harness Out of Fabric – Guide

As you know that fabric is a soft material that will keep your dog’s neck safe and comfortable so here you get step by step guide about how to make a fabric dog harness.

Step 1. Measure Your Dog

You need to start with measuring your pet if you want to get the right measurements for its new adjustable harness. Since you are making it yourself, it is completely up to you how you want it to look and fit on your furry friend. However, there are some general guidelines that should be followed when making a harness by using fabric materials.

The chest should be measured right behind the front legs so that you can figure out how wide it needs to be. The girth should also be measured, which is the widest part of the torso. And lastly, measure your dog’s neck circumference and add about an inch for comfortability.

Step 2. Decide On Your Harness’ Design

There are many options available when it comes to color and design. You can make an amazing dog harness out of fabric in such a way that it does not look like a typical “toy”. The goal is to make it stylish, unique, and comfortable for your pet.

You can choose from any pattern you like, but if you lack inspiration, the Internet is filled with all kinds of patterns and ideas for DIY dog accessories. This can be especially fun since you can print out an image you like, add it to your fabric and start sewing away. 

Step 3: Pick The Right Fabric

Fabric selection may seem complicated at first glance, but there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping around:

  • Make sure the fabric won’t fray so that you don’t have to worry about that later.
  • The fabric should be durable and easy to clean.
  • You can also play around with different types of fabrics – cotton, nylon, denim, etc. – since they all have their unique properties and textures!

A fabric dog harness will be a lot more comfortable for your pet if you choose the right fabric after little research. There is a wide variety of fabrics out there, but you can simply go with your personal choice and preference.

For a custom-tailored harness made of fabric, it’s best to use cotton or polyester since they are easy to clean and have some give when being worn by pets.

Step 4: Sewing Your Dog Harness Out Of Fabric

In order to sew your own comfort dog harness, you will need a sewing machine or a needle and thread if you want something small done by hand. If you choose a needle and thread remember that there are specific techniques to this process, but there are also plenty of free tutorials online which you can use to teach yourself.

Once you have your supplies ready, follow these steps:

  1. Cut out the fabric
  2. Sew together the pieces, and add a collar (if needed).
  3. Add some quick-release buckles to make it easy for you to get on and off of your pet
  4. Enjoy!

All in all, making an amazing harness out of fabric for your dog is an enjoyable project that can be fun, especially if you have a few good ideas for design. With the right pattern, perfect harness materials, and measurements, you shouldn’t have any trouble putting it all together!

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Tips For Teaching Your Dog To Wear A Harness

There are many benefits to using a harness instead of a collar when walking your dog. In fact, harnesses can help teach your dog obedience and train them in basic commands. Here are some tips on teaching your dog to wear a harness:

  • Start by putting it on them when you are walking them. If your dog is resistant or fearful of the harness, start by putting it on for a short period of time, and then only take it off when you are done walking. Reward your dog with treats when they wear the harness correctly.
  • Once your dog is used to wearing the harness, start training them in basic commands such as “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stay.” When training these commands, make sure to use positive reinforcement such as treats or petting. Always be consistent with your commands and rewards, and be patient while training your dog.
  • If you want to go further with training your dog, you can add in leash training exercises. This will help improve your obedience skills and teach your dog how to stay close to you while out walking.

Different Types of Harnesses

There are many types of dog harnesses, each designed for a specific purpose. Here are four types of harnesses:

Front-attachment Harness: 

The front-attachment harness keeps the leash close to the dog’s chest and away from his neck. This is the most comfortable type of harness for dogs, as it allows them to move freely and breathe easily.

Back-attachment Harness: 

A back-attachment harness places the leash behind the dog’s back, closer to his tail. This type of harness is more restraining and is used when walking on a leash or driving a car with your dog in the passenger seat.


A body-harness uses two straps that go around the dog’s body just below his chest and attach at either side of his waist. This type of harness provides good support for the dog and prevents him from pulling on the leash excessively.

Head-collar Harness 

A head-collar harness snaps onto a collar around a dog’s neck, providing added restraint and control while walking or exercising. These types of harnesses are not usually recommended for dogs that pull on leashes excessively, as they can be uncomfortable and inhibit movement.


Custom-made harnesses are often made of leather or nylon. If you are looking for something more comfortable to wear on your dog, try using fabric instead! It will be better for you and your pet. So, this guide about how to make a dog harness out of fabric proves to be informative for you.

You can sew it by hand or use a sewing machine, depending on which method you are more comfortable with. After that, add the white straps to make sure your dog is always safe!

Related FAQs About How to Make a Dog Harness Out of Fabric

Is fabric the best choice for a dog harness?

Fabric can be really comfortable, which is why it is often used in making dog harnesses. It’s also much easier to wash when it gets dirty!

What are some good patterns for DIY dog collars?

Patterns are everywhere online, so finding one that you like should be no problem. You can even print out an image that you like, add it to your fabric and start sewing away!

Where can I get the best fabrics for my dog’s harness?

Fabric stores or craft stores usually have an entire section devoted to materials for sewing. Another good place to look around in thrift stores where you might be able to find some unique fabric for your harness.

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