How to Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog

How to Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog? Best Step by Step Guide

The shock collar is one of the best and ideal tools for dog training, and it will effectively change the dog’s aggressive behavior. However, before using the shock collar on the dog, you need to know how to introduce a shock collar to a dog. Introducing the shock collar plays a significant role in training dogs properly with suitable shock levels that meet dog needs.

When we talk about shock collar dog training, safety is essential because it produces static shock that may sometimes harm your dog. Also, most of the shock collar comes with various features like shock, beeping, vibrating, lighting, etc. that proves to be perfect for training.

Therefore, by using all of these commands and signals, you need to introduce the shock collar to a dog properly. So, here we come up with the 5 secrete tips that you can follow to introduce a shock collar to the dog without any hesitation.

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When Should You Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog?

Before introducing the shock collar, it is imperative to know the ideal age to introduce a shock collar to a dog. As you know, a shock collar emits static shock on the dog’s neck, so you need to use it on the dog when they reach a specific age.

Most professional dog trainers recommend using the shock collar on the dog when they reached around 14 or 15 weeks of age. On the other hand, most dog owners preferred to use a shock collar on a 6-month-old dog, and when you provide a static shock, it is not harmful to them.

The benefit of using the shock collar on a dog when they reached specific age is that you can train them effectively without any physical and emotional stress. In addition, the advanced shock collar comes with some other features like vibration and beeping to use this function even on puppies because it will not be harmful.

Now it’s time to know how to introduce a shock collar and the step-by-step guide mentioned below that is very helpful.

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How to Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog?

First of all, the most important thing is that you can put the shock collar on the dog’s neck properly. Always keep in mind that the shock collar perfectly attaches with the dog’s neck skin, and the shock collar sensor does not slip. We will introduce the shock collar to a dog, so you need to review and test the shock collar first with proper fitting.

1. Shock Collar Conditioning

How To Use An Electronic Dog Training Collar

To introduce the shock collar, you need to provide better conditioning to your dog as the shock collar is a part of life. Then, all you have to do is use the best shock collar for the dog and wear it on the dog’s neck at the beginning of the day. The purpose of doing all of this is to make them associate with the shock collar when the dog is walking, playing, eating, and performing different tasks.

The shock collar is a very beneficial and handy tool for your dog as you can use it for different purposes and training. You can put the shock collar on the dog’s neck with the nameplate and contact information. When you do not train a dog using an electronic collar, please remove it from the dog’s neck and provide a comfortable environment.

Another important thing that you can use to make the dog aware of the shock collar is to use the ideal stimulation levels. Therefore, you can tell your dog that the shock collar is a part of life and give them better conditioning in the first step.

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2. Start with Minimum Stimulation Levels

In the second step, you can use the minimum stimulation levels that you can use to get the dog’s attention. It is an ideal step to introducing the shock collar to a dog, and it is the initial step if you are thinking about how to train your dog with an e collar. You don’t need to irritate, and all you have to do is put the shock collar on the dog’s neck and let the dog navigate the training area.

In this step, you don’t need to use any verbal commands, and you need to use the stimulation levels and increase them very slowly. When you are doing it and slowly increasing the levels, you will notice that your dog’s head will be tingling and your ears are felt and risen. When you notice all of these reactions in dog behavior, you can consider it the beginning of training.

When you can use the static shock stimulation levels to introduce the shock collar to a dog, always keep in mind that never increase the shock to the maximum level. There are lots of dog breeds, and each of the dogs is individual and unique. Some dogs are sensitive than other dogs, and some are learned quickly or slowly so you can increase the shock levels according to dog needs.

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3. Hand Signals and Verbal Commands

How to use vibration collar to train dog

It is a fact that you can never use the shock collar for your whole life on the dog’s neck, so one day, you can call your dog without any shock collar. The shock collar is only used for training purposes, so you can also use some verbal commands to introduce the shock collar better. So, you can call your dog by using verbal commands, and at the same time, you can use the shock collar with different features such as vibration, beeping, and static shock.

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Many verbal commands prove to be perfect for training your dog with the shock collar. The most popular verbal commands that you can use along with shock collar are sat, stay, come, stop, and wait, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to provide verbal commands training to your dog when using a shock collar as it proves to be perfect when you introduce the shock collar to a dog.

You can use all of these voice commands for the rest of your life, and to provide verbal commands training, you can talk and at the same time press the shock or vibration button. Also, we recommend you use hand signals and verbal commands as it will play a significant role in introducing the shock collar to a dog.

4. Stop Aggressive and Unwanted Behavior of the Dog

how to properly train a dog with a shock collar

Many dog owners asked how to introduce a shock collar to a dog to stop aggressive behavior from providing more exercise. You can set the stimulation level after wearing the shock collar on your wrist and set it according to dog needs that are not harmful to them. Then, all you have to do is try to stay away from your dog as much as possible under the shock collar range.

Once you suddenly see the unwanted or aggressive behavior of the dog, and when they take action, you need to start pressing the button of the shock collar. When you press the shock collar button, it will emit negative shock impulses to the dog’s neck and correct the dog’s unwanted behavior.

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Conversely, when you press the shock button, and your dog will never respond to your command, you need to press the button repeatedly. Therefore, when introducing a shock collar to stop unwanted behavior, timing plays a significant role. When you capture all your dog’s moves so will successfully press the shock collar button for stimulation, it is the best way to introduce a shock collar to a dog.

5. Repeat the Steps and Process

Now it’s time to repeat all the processes and steps mentioned above to introduce a shock collar to a dog. You can start by using the shock collar with a leash with minimum stimulation levels. Over time, you can increase the levels, press the button, and verbal commands and hand signals.

Never ignore this step when your dog responds to your commands to tap on the dog’s shoulder and appreciate them. You don’t need to be demotivated, and when your dog does not reply to vibration, beeping, and shock, you can always repeat this process and stay motivated. 

We personally recommend you to do these training activities twice a day to better introduce the shock collar. In the end, when you start with low stimulation levels and use different verbal and hand signal commands, you build an excellent relationship between you and your dog.

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We hope that all of your concerns about how to introduce a shock collar to a dog will go by following all the steps mentioned above. The benefit of introducing the shock collar to a dog is that sometimes you and your dog will enjoy it during training.

In the end, we recommend using verbal and voice commands along with a shock collar as it is very beneficial when your dog is off-leash.