How Much Weight Can a Dog Pull? Best Guide 2022

While there are many variables to consider when it comes to dogs and their weight, one question that often comes up is how much weight can a dog pull. This is an important consideration for those who love taking their pets on walks or hikes, as well as for trainers working with dogs in obedience or pulling competitions.

The straight answer is that it depends on the breed of the dog and the size of the individual animal.

How Much Weight Can a Dog Pull?

According to American Kennel Club, small dogs can pull up to 25 pounds, medium-sized dogs can pull up to 50 pounds and large dogs can be expected to pull up to 90 pounds.

However, these numbers are just averages, your dog may be capable of more than the average, and there’s no guarantee that they can’t exceed these maximum weight limits.

Is Weight Pulling Bad for Dogs?

When it comes to how much weight a dog can pull safely, there are several factors that should be considered. These include the breed of the dog, the size of the dog, the age of the dog, and how often they are trained to pull.

The reason that weight pulling can be dangerous for dogs is due to stress on their joints. The distance traveled over time adds up over months or years of weight pulling, which can put additional strain on your dog’s body. When adding weight to your dog’s backpack or sled, it is important to make sure that you are only ever adding a small additional load.

Why Do Some Dogs Pull More Than Others?

There are several things in your dog’s past that could affect how much they will be able to pull. These include the amount of time spent pulling when they were younger, their experiences at the dog park, and any weight training they have had to pull.

Generally, dogs can be expected to continue growing until around 18 months of age. At this point, their growth plates will close up, and only grooming or weight pulling will help them maintain muscle mass.

Many owners are surprised at how much stronger male dogs are when they first begin weight pulling. This is because female dogs do not have as much testosterone, which is a large factor in their strength and endurance.

How Is Weight Pulling Different from Weight Lifting?

While weight pulling is very similar in principle to weight lifting, it has a few significant differences. The most obvious difference is that your dog cannot simply turn around and drop the object they are carrying when they feel pain.

Another difference is the fact that weight pulling is a competitive sport where many dogs and owners compete against each other. However, this competition can be taken too far; canine athletes train for two or more years before competing and trainers should only ever try to push their dogs as far as they safely can.


In conclusion, weight pulling can be a great way of exercising your dog and building its strength. However, it is important to know how much weight can a dog pull in order to avoid over-exerting them.

This information can also help you get better results from any obedience training techniques or equipment that you use when trying to build up the muscles of your dog.


1. How much force can a dog pull with?

A dog can pull anywhere between approximately 25 and twice its body weight. When it comes to smaller breeds, such as the poodle, they should only ever pull around 15 pounds. Large weight-pulling dogs like the rottweiler can pull up to twice their own weight depending on how well conditioned and trained they are.

2. How much pressure can a dog take?

A small or medium-sized dog can take around 25 pounds of pressure or force, whereas a large dog like the Rottweiler is capable of taking up to double its own body weight.

3. How much do dogs pull in an average day?

A small or medium-sized adult dog in good condition can be expected to pull around 25 pounds.

A dog may pull more than this when they are younger, but as they age they will be able to perform at a lower level.

The exact amount of weight your dog pulls will depend on their size and how much training they have received. For example, an energetic breed that has been specially bred for working or pulling can often carry significantly more weight than other breeds.

4. What breed of dog can pull the most weight?

There are many breeds of dogs that have been specifically bred for working or pulling. These include the Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, and Saint Bernard.

Other breeds have also been used to pull sleds in the past but are not commonly used for this purpose today, including greyhounds and whippets.

5. What dog can pull 3000 pounds?

There isn’t a dog that can pull 3000 pounds. Dogs can only pull up to half their own body weight before it becomes too much for them.

A strong and highly trained rottweiler is capable of pulling around 500 pounds, but any more than this would be considered dangerous.

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