How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Dog's Tail

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How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Dog’s Tail? Docking the tails of puppies is easy and very economical.

It normally costs less than $15 plus a visit to your veterinarian. On average, the price for this service ranges between $10 and $30.

However, if you are planning to have the docking of old dog’s tails performed, then the cost will increase dramatically. Many vets charge over $150 per dog for this procedure. 

If you want to know more about this topic, read the article given below. It will answer all your questions regarding this subject.

How Long Does It Take To Dock The Tail Of A Dog?

The length of time required to perform the tail docking varies by breed. However, these times may also vary depending on the size of the dog.

Adult dogs may need 2 hours or longer. Puppies may require only 10-15 minutes because they’re so small.

How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Dog’s Tail When He Is Young?

When the dog is younger than six months, the cost tends to be lower. In fact, it might not even run more than $10-$15. After his sixth month, however, costs begin to increase significantly.

How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Rottweiler’s Tail?

Rottweilers are known for having long, thick tails. These animals usually require around $300 – $600 to be cropped. In cases where the dog has grown too large for its own good, the vet can remove part of the tail to keep it manageable and healthier.

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How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Doberman’s Tail?

Dobermans usually require $10 – $20 to be cropped. This amount varies according to the size of the dog’s tail. Also, if there is excessive shedding, additional fees apply.

How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Boxer’s Tail?

Boxers typically require more money in order to dock their tail. Although boxers have long tails, most vets are able to clip them within 15 minutes or less. 

The average cost of clipping this type of dog is between $100 and $150. However, if the dog sheds excessively, expect to pay double that amount.

How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Yorkie Puppy’s Tail?

Like all little dogs, Yorkies also need extra grooming each day after they grow out of their puppyhood. You should have to dock the tail of the Yorkie puppy before they become five days old. They usually require $15 – $35 to be cropped.

What Happens During The Procedure Of Docking A Tail?

During the process, the vet cuts off the end of the growing tail in order to prevent pain later on. The cut ends the growth cycle but doesn’t stop new hair follicles from forming.

The vet might trim away any excess skin, and after doing that he/she removes some of the hair covering the cut area.

 What Do I Use To Keep My Dog’s Tail Healthy?

There are three factors involved in keeping your dog’s tail healthy:

  1. Proper diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Grooming

Keeping your pet’s tail clean and relatively dry helps prevent problems such as ingrown hair follicles and matt. In addition, regular brushing encourages the healthy growth of new cells inside the coat.

What Makes The Difference In The Prices For A Dog’s Tail Docking?

The overall price depends on the dog’s age. First, you have to consider whether a particular dog is a puppy (less than 6 months) or an adult. Second, you should look at other variables associated with the surgery.

These include:

Location. Some veterinarians offer their services in private practice while others work in public clinics. You could get an estimate based on where you live and what kind of facilities your vet uses.

Complications. Vet bills can rise sharply when complications arise during the operation. Therefore, make sure you ask your doctor about potential risks before making a decision.


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How much does it cost to have my dog clipped again?

A: Clipping costs anywhere from $30-$50 depending upon the breed of dog. For instance, a large German Shepherd may cost around $70 but a tiny Chihuahua would only run you around $30.

How often do we need to have our dogs’ tails docked?

A: The length of your dog’s tail will determine how many times it needs to be docked. Most breeds take care of their own tails by 4 1/2 weeks of age and sometimes earlier. However, there are a few breeds that don’t shed and therefore have to keep their tails longer.

Is it painful to have my dogs’ tails trimmed?

A: No, tail clipping is very quick, usually takes less than 5 minutes. There are no serious side effects so if it hurts, your vet will stop immediately.

Should I dock the tail of my puppy?

A: Yes, tail docking is considered a routine veterinary procedure that all puppies must undergo between 3 and 14 days of birth. This ensures the proper development of the spinal cord so your dog won’t feel pain.

What effect does having our dogs’ tails docked have?

A: Having your dog’s tail docked ensures its spine is properly formed and prevents your pup from injuring its back when jumping up. Also, having your dog’s tail ducked helps avoid lumps and bumps down the road.

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