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Can You Outrun A Dog? Sound Funny? Dogs can reach great speeds and it is not possible to outrun a dog. If you want to compete with dogs, you’re going to need some serious training.

Dogs are faster than us because they have longer legs and shorter strides. Their muscles are also stronger and more powerful than ours. In addition, they have better endurance and stamina. 

They can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) and they can jump over obstacles up to three times their height.

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What Is The Average Running Speed Of a Dog?

The average running speed of a dog is 15–20 miles per hour for short distances. There are some dogs that are slower than others when running.

But some run so fast. The speed at which a dog runs depends on many factors like breed, size, and health.

Many breeds such as the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are very strong runners and they can go up to 20 miles per hour. While other dog breeds such as Pugs cannot even reach 1 mile per hour. 

Can You Outrun A Dog If He Is Young?

Yes, young dogs are excellent runners. They have the strength to move quickly over long distances. However, dogs usually slow down during their adult years.

So, if your goal is to beat a dog’s speed once he reaches adulthood then it may be impossible. But, if you want to beat him when he is younger, there isn’t too much you can’t achieve with proper training.

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

For most dogs, 5 miles per hour is considered to be the maximum top speed. Some dogs will increase this speed if they are fit enough.

However, there have been cases where the fastest recorded speed was 44.4 miles per hour. It was achieved by a Dalmatian named “Sprint”. This was possible due to his small size and weight of just 25 pounds. 

Why Can’t You Outrun A Dog?

You can’t outrun a dog! As we stated earlier, dogs can run much faster than humans. Dogs can move at speeds as fast as forty miles per hour or twenty-four kilometers per hour.

While most people never get around one mile per hour when they jog, dogs can do that when running. In spite of this, some outrun dogs by more than two kilometers.

Why Do Dogs Run Faster Than Humans?

There are several reasons why dogs are able to outrace a human. First, dogs’ stride is shorter than humans. This makes them sprint faster. Additionally, when they increase their speed, they use less oxygen per minute.

This saves them precious oxygen reserves at the end of each breath. Finally, since dogs don’t sweat, they don’t lose any water while running.

This combination of traits allows dogs to go much further when compared to human beings. Thus, we shouldn’t try and beat a dog’s speed unless we’re prepared to exercise much harder and longer than a dog would.

Can Usain Bolt Outrun A Dog?

Yes, Usain Bolt is actually faster than a dog. Not only does he run faster than them, but he also has the advantage of running with four times fewer steps.

Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds and 40 yards in 0.95 seconds. He had a world record speed of 19.19 mph (31 km/h). No one has come close to him since then. 

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Which Dogs Are The Best At Running?

Most dogs aren’t really good runners, but there are a few exceptions. When searching for the best runner among dogs, remember not all dogs are created equal.

  1. German Shepherds are an example of good runners.
  2. Bulldogs are the second-best runners after German shepherds.
  3. Retrievers are the third-best runners after both groups mentioned above.


In the end, I hope this article helps you understand better “Can you outrun a dog?” We’ve provided answers to several commonly asked questions. Hopefully, this will help you achieve your goals.


How many miles per hour can a dog reach?

The answer to this question depends upon various factors. Most importantly, how old are your canine companion and what exactly is he capable of doing? 
For instance, puppies can run up to fifteen miles per hour. However, after their growth spurt happens, adults usually reach the maximum speed of five miles per hour.

Does being young slow down a puppy’s ability to run?

No, it doesn’t. Puppies grow and develop fast. After four to six weeks, they gain weight and their legs start getting stronger. They can easily reach fifteen miles per hour when they reach adulthood.

Why should I train my pet?

If you want to see your dog become the fastest one in the neighborhood, you need to take training seriously. If you do not dedicate time to it, your dog cannot learn anything new.

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