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The shock collar is a device that emits an electric pulse to the dog’s neck, which will discourage it from certain behaviors.

Shock collars are perfect training tools for dogs of all breeds, and especially useful for hunting dogs who need to stay in line during hunts. 

It may little difficult to find the best shock collar for hunting dogs because there are so many brands in today’s market with various features.

Now you don’t need to worry, I have already done enough research to compare the best dog training collars that are specially made for hunting dogs.

List of Best Shock Collar for Hunting Dogs In 2022

Without further ado, here are the top 8 best dog shock collars for hunting dogs that you should consider before buying.

1. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer – Best Training Collar for Hunting Dogs

The SportDOG Brand SportTrainer is designed for field training and hunting with close-working dogs. Train up to 3 dogs with the same handheld remote with the purchase of additional Add-A-Dog Collars.

This shock collar is designed on a system that has 10 levels of both continuous and momentary static stimulation, as well as vibration (buzz) and tone (beep). 

Long Range and Extended Battery Life

The SportDog collar comes with a range of around 1/2 Mile and provides greater flexibility and distance control. The 1/2 Mile Trainer features a long-range remote (100 yards) and extended battery life.

The additional range means you can train your dog at the same time while allowing them to roam freely in the field without worrying about losing sight of them or getting tangled.

The battery that you get to see inside this shock collar is rechargeable and it takes 2 hours to charge. You can train your dog for 48-70 hours per charge which is great.

Furthermore, the special feature of this shock collar is that it comes with an OLED screen so you can see the settings with just a glance.

Three Training Modes with 10 Levels of Stimulation

This shock collar comes with 3 training modes. The continuous, momentary, and tone are the three training modes available in this system.

It has 10 levels of stimulation, as well as tone and vibration (buzz) options, allowing you to customize this system.

All the hunting dog breeds that come with neck circumferences of 5-22 inches can wear this shock collar. It perfectly fits on the dog’s neck and it can be adjusted from 5 inches to 22 inches. It is perfect for dogs that come with a weight of 100lbs and up.

Waterproofing Technology

The special feature of this shock collar is its DryTek waterproofing technology which allows for this system to be completely submerged in water up to 25 feet.

If you want to clean your dog with the collar on, no problem; just use the showerhead and wet it thoroughly with fresh or saltwater.

  • It has great battery life.
  • It comes with a long-range remote.
  • The OLED screen allows seeing the settings with just a glance. 
  • Sometimes it needs a lot of time getting ready for first use.

2. Dogtra 1900S / 1902S – Best Shock Collar for Hunting Dogs

Dogtra hunting shock collar offers an advanced and effective solution to train your hunting dog humanely.

This remote training collar for dogs is equipped with 127 levels of correction types which range from momentary stimulation, continuous stimulation, and vibration mode. It is suitable for all breeds with mild to the most difficult temperaments. 

Ergonomic Design and Accurate Sizing

To ensure proper and effective training, it is essential to choose the right equipment for your dog.

This remote training collar comes in a slim and waterproof design that ensures comfortability and it fits dogs with neck sizes between 8-26 inches. 

The ergonomic design of this shock collar makes it easier to control and operate during hunting training.

The remote collar also comes with an auto-shut-off feature which automatically turns off the electric stimulation after 30 seconds of continuous stimulation.

Long Range and Perfect Hunting Design

This Dogtra training collar allows you to train your dog over a distance of 3/4-mile without losing connection. This long-range allows you to train your hunting dog from a distance and provide enough hunting training.

It also comes with a two-way communication system that provides greater control for the trainer as well as the comfort of the dog.

This remote hunting device is designed with high-quality and dependable materials so it can survive the most extreme conditions such as swimming or an adventure in rough terrain. 

It is specially designed for purposes such as hunting and police training so it will meet all of your dog’s needs. With this remote dog trainer, you can train your pet to follow your commands and become a well-behaved dog.

Waterproof Collar with Vibration Training Mode

It is designed on fully waterproof technology, which helps the electronic dog collar to be more durable and reliable. Due to its durable design, It also can endure rough terrains with no problem.

Due to the waterproof technology, it will allow you to take your training sessions wherever you want even during the rainy season.

It only comes with the vibration training mode, which helps keep the static shock mode to a minimum. With this device, you can train your dog effectively without any unnecessary discomfort.

  • Stunning long range
  • Durable quality materials
  • Milestones of levels to train your hunting dog
  • Only suitable for outdoor purposes 
  • Only Vibration Mode

3. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

The Pet Resolve system is the perfect solution to train up to three dogs to get desirable behaviors and calm, loving nature. Don’t let your dog get sidetracked by other animals or misbehave in public.

Teach your canine companion how to act properly with arguably the top training collar on the market!

Variable Shock and Long Battery

This best hunting dog shock collar comes with 10 variable shock and vibration levels, anti-bark, and light night mode. By using it you can train up to three dogs at once with a range of half a mile.

Moreover, You get it with long battery life which is of almost 2 hours. You can charge this hunting training tool after every workday by plugging it into the adapter with a low voltage indicator. Super Long Range and Waterproof Collar

This is the best dog shock collar for hunting dogs that comes within 3/4 miles range. One of the great benefits of this long-range is that you can train your dog even he is far from you.

In addition, this best hunting dog shock collar also provides waterproof construction.

Due to the waterproof technology, you can train your four-footed friend even in the rainy season. The Pet resolve dog training collar is fully water-resistant and can be submerged without damage.

Multiple Training Modes with Perfect Sizing

The Pet resolve dog training collar comes with three different modes. The first one is shock which you can use for the correction of unwanted behavior.

The second one is beep which you use as positive reinforcement. In addition, this training collar has a light night mode.

By using this shock collar you can train medium and small size dogs that come with a weight of over 15 lbs. The weight of the dog should be more than one pound to fifteen pounds otherwise this shock collar is not perfect for your four-footed friend.

All the dog breeds that come with neck sizes of around 10 inches to 26 inches are good for it.

  • It is waterproof. 
  • The battery life lasts long.
  • It provides three different modes to choose from.
  • Few customers claimed that the collar is not consistent in its work.

4. PATPET Dog Training Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

PATPET remote shock collar is an electric training device made for controlling hunting dogs.

It can be used to train different types of hunting dogs, including hounds, retrievers, pointers, and others. Using the remote control with its 3 training modes is perfect because it will allow you to train your dog in a wide range of frequencies.

Training Modes with 16 Static Levels

The remote has 3 modes that can be easily switched by using the mode button. The beep mode emits a noise when you press the button, it is used for training your dog to follow commands. 

The vibration mode makes your dog aware of your presence or command by stimulating its skin senses through vibrations. And lastly, the static shock mode provides different levels of static shocks when your dog disobeys your command.

Waterproof Collar with Long Range 

It is the best shock collar for hunting dogs that comes with waterproof technology that protects the collar receiver and remote from water. Now you can easily train your hunting dogs even in the rainy season.

When it comes to the range of this shock collar so its remote will extend up to 3000ft which is a very long range for controlling your dog. It comes with wireless control technology that enables you to command your dog even from a longer distance.

Long Battery with Distinguishing Button

This is the perfect shock collar for hunting dogs as it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that extends its working hours and still provides enough power.

The waterproof remote control comes equipped with a long-lasting battery that can be fully charged in just 3 hours. 

The unique thing about it is that you get to see the distinguishing buttons that make it easy to find and activate even in high grasses and bushes.

It has a light-up screen and distinct buttons for finding and activating them easily in dark surroundings.

  • Waterproof electric training device
  • Range up to 3000ft 
  • 3 Training modes with 16 static levels
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Not suitable for all dogs.

5. D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450 Remote Dog Professional Trainer

D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1450 e-collar for hunting dogs are the most reliable e-collar for you as a trainer and dog owner.

It is designed with a non-slip inside lining, which keeps your dog safe and comfortable. It also has angle learning technology, so it won’t turn on if it touches water accidentally.

Long Range and Expandable Dog System

You can use this collar with other dogs along with hunting dogs and even expand it if you want to. It has a 3/4 mile range, which is great for hunting and perfect to provide long-range hunting training.

One of the best and most amazing things about this static shock collar is the feature of a “beeper”

The beeper function of this device proves to be perfect because it is a function that especially hunters need.

You can use this as a beeper audible and it comes with a range of up to 450 yards. The expandable system allows you to add one or two other electric collars to your system, so you can train more hunting and other dogs without buying another e-collar.

Long Battery and Perfect Fits

When you buy it, you will get one rechargeable battery along with it. The beeper can run up to 23 hours per charge and the range is even better.

This e-collar for hunting dogs has a little flexible rubber end on them.  It will ensure it perfectly fits on your dog’s neck. It comes in different numbers of shock levels for your dog training.

The hunting dog breeds that come with neck sizes of around 12-23 inches can use it without any hesitation.

Fully Waterproof Collar and Beeper

This dog training collar for hunting is completely waterproof and the beeper is also water-resistant. You can use this confidently in wet weather conditions when your dog goes swimming in rivers and lakes to fetch birds. This e-collar for hunting dogs has a 1450 yard range to add functionality.

  • 3/4 mile range
  • Waterproof beeper and completely waterproof collar
  • Flexible rubber end for perfect fitting 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • 16 levels of stimulation plus vibration 
  • Vibration is adjustable
  • Expensive

6. Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System

This Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System is a popular collar to train hunting dogs. it has all-inclusive features that are perfect to train multiple dogs.

These include six levels of continuous stimulation, easily controlled by the top-mounted selection dial on the handheld remote, and bark suppression with selectable tones or nick/static/vibration.

Multi Dog Collar with Long Battery Life

It is perfect for multiple dog training because it will be specially designed to train multiple dogs by using a single collar.

It is one of the best hunting remote dog training collars and very easy to carry and use. Due to the multi-dog system, you can train multiple dogs at once. 

Also, the long-lasting battery that you get to see inside this shock collar works longer. It will last up to 80 hours even if you use it for a longer time. Once you fully charge this device so it will last up to 60 hours. 

It is an amazing product with lots of features and benefits. You can train your crazy hunting dogs in just a crazy way using this hunting dog training collar. 

Stimulation, Tone, and Bark Correction Feature

If you are a dog lover then this shock collar will help you train your hunting dogs comfortably. It has great features like vibration and tone with stimulation. The stimulation feature and tone and bark correction is an amazing thing that works well for those who spend most of their time in the field. 

You can easily control this training device as it has selectable tones or vibrations for your dogs.

The bark correction technology comes with 6 levels of stimulation that will allow you to train your hunting dogs. This is a very useful feature for people who have more than one dog that they use for hunting.

Waterproof Collar with Long-Range

This is also a waterproof shock collar that will be great for the dogs who love to play in the water or any place where their trainer will ask them to go.

It is comfortable with all types of dog breeds because it is made of soft and comfortable materials. Dogs that have neck sizes of around 15 inches to 23 inches will fit in this hunting dog training collar.

You get this best shock collar for hunting dogs with a long range of up to 1 mile. Thus, you will not have to worry about your dog getting out of sight as it has a great range. It comes with a light feature that you can see from 100 yards away.

You don’t need to worry more about having it because it is made of high quality and sturdy material.

You can easily train your hunting dog with the help of this awesome shock collar without having to worry about being damaged.

  • This hunting dog training collar is a waterproof
  • The battery life of this shock collar last up to 60 hours.
  • Comes with stimulation, tone and bark correction features
  • Expensive hunting dog training collar

7. PetSpy P620 – Best Vibrating Shock Collar for Hunting Dogs

If you want to train your hunting dog positively and effectively, then PetSpy P620 dog training shock collar for hunting dogs is an ideal choice.

It has some great and additional features that can help expert trainers and new beginners both to convert the dog’s behavior and train them in just a short period. One of its amazing features is that it has 3 training modes that are perfect for training.

Three Training Modes and Long Range

Pet Spy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs has a remote range of up to 650 yards from the dog’s collar. This long-range allows you to train your hunting dog effectively from a long distance. 

Moreover, it has three training modes that are electric shock/ vibration/ beep trainer with 16 adjustable levels. These 3 modes add an extra advantage for training your hunting dog. 

If you are new in this field of training dogs, don’t worry about the safety of your pet by having this shock collar. Along with these three training modes you get 16 adjustable levels that add an extra advantage in training your dog. 

Rechargeable and Waterproof Collar

This hunting dog shock collar uses rechargeable batteries that can be charged by USB. Moreover, the remote is also waterproof so you don’t need to worry about your dog’s safety during heavy rain or any other bad weather condition.

The collar receiver is very lightweight and comfortable for your dog which allows them to move freely and comfortably. 

Perfect Fitting and Blind Operation Design

This Pet Spy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar has a good fit for dogs from 10 to 140 lbs. There are adjustable collar straps that allow you to adjust the size according to the dog’s growth. Dogs that have neck sizes of around 10 to 24 inches can make great use of this hunting dog shock collar. 

Another amazing feature is that it has a blind operation design for easy and effective training for your hunting dog. You can easily operate it without having any prior knowledge of dog training.

  • Long-range of 650 yards
  • Three training modes for a quick training
  • 16 adjustable levels for powerful training
  • Sometimes the double shock is received


We hope that after knowing about the collars mentioned above you are now able to choose the best shock collar for hunting dogs. Shock collars are used to train hunting dogs, especially when it comes to pointing and retrieving.

Many hunters prefer them because they can provide a quick response without harming the dog. If the dog gets out of range, it simply stops working until the dog is close enough.

Buying Guide Best Shock Collar for Hunting Dogs

When buying shock collars for dogs, some crucial points need to be considered.

1) Protection against water: The collar should have good Waterproofing so that the dog can be used in all kinds of weather. It should not get damaged if it falls into water or gets rained on. The washable feature is also important for a dog’s health.

2) Additional features: There are lots of features provided in shock collars such as beep, vibration, tone, etc. Some collars come with a remote control so that you can control them from a distance also. It should have a good battery life so that the hunter doesn’t run out of charge while training his/her dog.

3) Most importantly the price: The shock collar should be affordable so that you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

All the above-mentioned points will help you to choose the best shock collar for your hunting needs! 

We hope that this guide is useful in your search for the best static shock collar for hunting dogs.

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