Are Choke Collars Good for Dogs

Are Choke Collars Good for Dogs: Uses, Benefits, and Drawbacks – Best Guide in 2022

Choke collars are a type of training collar used to teach dogs not to pull on the leash. They have been in use for well over many years and be effective in many different situations. However, due to the metal spikes, many dog owners have concerned about are choke collars good for dogs.

So, the simple answer is that they can be a good training tool, but their use must be done correctly to avoid harming your dog. Choke collar is also known as slip collar, which comes with a metal chain for controlling dogs. Its main purpose is to train your dog not to pull on the leash.

So, here we come up with the advantages and drawbacks of using a choke collar and how to use it properly.

What are Choke Collars?

Choke collar is also known as slip and typically chain collar, and its metal chain proves to be perfect to control dogs. Its main purpose is to train your dog not to pull on the leash. The chain loop is positioned behind the dog’s head and tightens when they pull on the leash.

So, this choke collar is mainly used to train dogs how to walk properly on a leash. It works by tightening when your dog pulls the leash, which causes discomfort and discourages unwanted behavior like pulling.

Are Choke Collars Good for Dogs?

The good or bad thing about the Choke collar depends on how you use it. However, many benefits can be obtained from using a choke collar properly, and the major one is that it gives you more control over your dog.

However, there are some disadvantages when they’re not used properly, which could cause physical injury to your pet and even yourself in some cases, so make sure to follow these choke collar guidelines.

You mustn’t leave the choke collars on your dog for too long, especially if they are not wearing them while you’re training them. Make sure to take off the choke collar once your dog has already learned how to walk on a leash and only put it back on when necessary for future use.

It is also very important that you maintain proper control of the chain as not to let it get too tight or too loose. It should be snug enough to give a little tug on the leash but still able to allow your dog some comfort by being loose enough so that your pet can breathe normally and move around easily without discomfort.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choke Collars:

There are many benefits of using a choke head collar on your dog, along with some disadvantages mentioned below.

Advantages of Choke Collars

Advantages of Choke Collars:

  • It allows you to maintain and control of your dog while they are on a leash.
  • It is easy for the owner to place around their neck and tighten it when needed.
  • It is fairly cheap and affordable.
  • Choke correction collars can be used to teach dogs how not to pull on the leash.
  • It gives you a form of communication with your dog through touch and sight rather than only sound.
  • Choke collars are effective tool in helping to aggressive behavior of wild animals. It can also help give them in terms of confidence since they will be more obedient.
  • It is not a choking or harmful method of training dogs. It does not cause pain to the dog when used properly. On the other hand, it only causes frustration from collar discomfort rather than actual pain.

So, using choke standard dog collars can be highly effective in many situations with your dog, but there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider beforehand:

Disadvantages of Choke Collars:

  • If not used properly, it can cause harm to your dog.
  • If used too tightly, it can cause trachea damage with esophagus.
  • It can damage the vocal cords or thyroid gland, which will cause loss of their ability to bark.
  • If used too tightly, it could restrict breathing and blood flow from the brain, causing fainting or even death in some cases.
  • The metal links can be dangerous for puppies that may swallow them if they are not careful when playing with them.
  • It can cause neck injuries if not used properly, so it is important to use them with caution and supervise your dog when they are wearing one.

Even though choke collars are safe most of the time, but there are some exceptions where owners should not use them.

How to Properly Use Choke Collar on Dogs? Step-by-Step Guide

As we also mentioned above that choke collars are not harmful if you use them properly so here you get the step-by-step guide to use choke collars properly.

Step One

Before placing the choke collar on your dog, you should first determine which size will fit them correctly.

You can do that by measuring their neck with a soft tape measure and then adding about two inches to get the exact length of chain needed for it to be safe enough while still being effective in training your pet.

Step Two

The next step is to be sure that you place the choke collar in front of their ears rather than behind them. it will make your dog uncomfortable if they feel like something is hanging over their neck. You should adjust the size or placement until they feel comfortable with it around their neck if this happens.

Step Three

After you have adjusted the size to your pet’s liking, you should be sure not to leave it on them for more than twelve hours at a time. It is just in case they get into something that could cause damage while wearing their choke collar around their neck all day long.

Step Four

You will need to slowly introduce your dog to the choke collar and the leash by keeping it on them for a few minutes at a time before taking it off. It will make your pet more comfortable with wearing their choke collars around their necks while also getting used to walking on leashes when out in public or even just inside your home.

Step Five

You should drag or pull gently on the leash to imitate what would happen if you tried to make them heel next to you or even come towards your direction. You should do this until they start walking with you without any hesitation on their part.

Once that happens, then it is time for the final step – rewarding and praising your dog for following through with everything that has been taught to them.

What is the Difference Between a Choke Collar and a Prong Collar?

Choke collars are used to control dogs by using a choke chain method, while a prong collar is more effective in controlling the dog through agonizing pain compliance.

It means that choke collars can be tightened or loosened depending on how your pet responds to them. Conversely, they are only capable of making them uncomfortable when pulled harder than usual, which usually results in a choking sound.

On the other hand, prong collars give dogs a slight pinch or prick on their neck whenever they do something that is not allowed. It will let them know that they have done something wrong and should correct themselves right away.

The disadvantage of using a choke collar instead of prong collars is that it is not as effective when training your dog and can even cause them some serious damage to their necks.


Many benefits can be obtained from using a choke collar properly, and the major one is that it gives you more control over your dog. Knowing the detailed guide mentioned above, we hope you are well aware of are choke collars good for dogs or not?


Is It Safe to Use a Choke Collar On Puppies?

It is not ideal if you are trying to train a puppy by using choke or pinch collars because their necks are too small for the chain or metal links of the choke collar. You should be training them with other positive training methods until they’re big enough for your pet to wear one without causing any damage to their neck.

What is a Prong Collar?

A prong collar looks like a series of metal prongs with the ends pointing inward towards your dog’s neck. It has been used as an alternative training tool for dogs who do not respond well to choke chains.
It works by tightening around your pet’s neck when you pull on the leash, and they feel a small pinch. However, it will cause them discomfort, so it is not recommended to use these either since other training collars can be used instead.

When Should I Start Using a Choke Collar On My Dog?

You can use choke collars as soon as your dogs are big enough to withstand little pain. Otherwise, you should focus only on training them with other methods until they’re old enough for the chain or metal links of the choke regular collar not to cause any harm to their necks.